Election Experiments Are Dangerous #PAU2012 @NajibRazak #pakdin.my

UMNO’s Presidential Speech has just recently finished, followed by cheers from members who pledged to defend Putrajaya, as well as religion and the country. Few of the important points which Malaysians need to take note would be the President’s reminder where elections are not experiments.

It is very ironic when we had to link between election and the sovereignty of our nation, racial survival and ethics. But, those are the reality in Malaysia when we have the opposition who would do just about anything where they would even sacrifice religion, race and the country for power.

Only Malaysian opposition urge rakyat to experiment with the leadership when asked about their mission or ruling system which they would implement.

They even admitted that their coalition holds onto the principal of ‘win first, think later’ each time this question is raised.

And it gets even more ironic as only in Malaysia, certain group of rakyat are willing to gamble with their future in the hands of leaders who do not even think of how they would lead the country.

Thus, I would like to stress on the reminder given by the President regarding the importance of an election because if the matter is not understood well, then the whole speech would not mean anything.

We need to remember that we have an opposition who would even ‘offer’ this country to colonialists, they would sabotage their own country’s economy and burden all rakyat just so that rakyat would be angry and rebel towards the government.

Before anyone accept the opposition’s suggestion in experimenting and see how it goes with a different government, we need to first study the probabilities which could happen from this experiment.

What is certain, the outcome is expected to be ‘unique; and ‘chronic’.

We might get a ‘unique’ outcome because we have an opposition who would change everything about Malaysia, getting rid of our Royal instituting and turning this country to a Secular nation. We have an opposition who want to bring us backwards where there would be no rules and people can do anything as they please. We also have an opposition who want to bring us to a dark era where extreme is good, and it denies rakyat’s rights to choose how they live, even probably clothing as well.

Every rational rakyat should realize that everything which is dreamed by the opposition are unsuitable, even dangerous to this country, society as well as our respective religions.

The thing which makes it chronic would be when we could not tell which of the opposition’s objective will be implemented if they are to win the coming election.

Experimenting with different elements are enough to make it hazardous, especially if we are to mix with elements which do not get along well. It is not impossible that it would lead us to a huge explosion that could destroy everything which we have built all these years.

That is why, do remember what the President said, our family is too valuable to be destroyed with some election experiment.