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POLITIKEloquence Is Not The Main Criteria To Lead

Eloquence Is Not The Main Criteria To Lead

In schools and universities, we were exposed to debate to increase our self confidence and to train the mind to think critically. Hence, to have enough courage to speak in public and provide arguments to be shared through strong and valid points. So, we cannot deny that debating could shape leadership.

Today, debate seems to be a trend. Debates between political leaders like what is practiced in America is beginning to spread in Malaysia, the country with people who like to copy just about everything. But, Malaysian somehow do not know what do they need to copy it.

The problem when it comes to debates among politicians is not really the matter of solving issue, it is just about gaining publicity. This is because debate is seen as the best tool to increase or restore one’s popularity. Just look at how the opposition still cheered for Lim Guan Eng who won the debate against Chua Soi Lek even though we could see that most of his arguments were empty.

People who talk a lot do not really act. That is just nature. Even Islam do not suggest us to talk because it never really bring anything, That is why most world leaders spend most of their time listening, thinking and working instead of talking.

The fact is, talking is not the main criteria for a person to become a leader. If that is so, we might end up making a mistake like how Indonesia made theirs with Sukarno, Uganda with Idi Amin or Philippines with Estrada, actors who managed to capture many once they open their mouth, If debaters could become leaders, university students might as well become the next Prime Minister.

Leaders should have various qualities in to ensure that all ideas would turn to reality.

A good PM should never fall into debates which never really end in anything because looking for publicity is not part of the job scope. If he needs to defend any of his policy or any matters, he could just ask the media to spread it.

He would not debate in TV just because the opponent do not have any better job to do.

However, we understand why the opposition are exited to see the debate between Anwar and Dato’ Seri Najib because no one goes to PKR’s ceramah or convention anymore. We do understand that Anwar is desperate for publicity now, And we do understand that Anwar is running out of issues to push the government down.

We hope that PM would not waste his time with Anwar. We need Dato’ Seri Najib to work, not to debate, Let Anwar debate by himself because that is what he has been doing since the day he got sacked.

Rakyat are fully aware that Anwar is good when it comes to talking, but he do not know how to work. That is why rakyat is sick of his ceramah, they are tired of his arguments. Do not force us to listen to him because we are done.







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