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ETP Promises More Jobs and Businesses for Malaysians



Despite the outcry over the rise of prices and the cutting of subsidies, Malaysians tends to overlook at the robust economic growth recorded in the third quarter of this year.  The growth recorded is even better than projected at 5.2% amid challenging global economic conditions.

The ongoing Economic Transformation Program (ETP) will ensure that the rosy scenario remains and blooms as it approaches the year 2020.

ETP so far, has listed out 20 potential projects with estimated investment of RM26.09 billion by the year 2020, as it works hand-in-hand with the 3 growth corridors.

With more than 64,000 jobs opportunities, the projects are expected to contribute at least RM10.07 billion of Malaysia’s gross income.

2020 is just another seven years ahead and it seems to be safe for Malaysians to start dreaming of higher salaries in few years to come.

To top it all, official forecast also shows that the economy is expected to grow between four and five per cent for this year.

With this in mind, Malaysians should be able to sleep better and stop the crying over price hike.

For all we know, since the announcements of the series of subsidy rationalizations and rising of prices, Malaysians have not come to the point where they are forced to ‘adjust’ in any way.  None are forced to the brink of selling off their cars or assets to make ends meet because of the price hike or subsidy cut.

The routine teh tarik sessions of Malaysians continue as usual despite the rise in sugar price.  Big bikes are selling fast despite the rise in fuel price.  The lower income groups too, are living their lives as usual with no ‘adjustment’ needed in terms of food they take or clothes they buy.

Basically, Malaysians might feel a little constraint but no Malaysians have actually adjusted their lives despite the outcry.

Doesn’t this tell us something?  Isn’t this a good enough proof that we are doing fine and that the outcry is simply an over-reaction?

Therefore, it’s time for the Malaysians to put some faith in the government and believe that our leaders will not burden us unnecessarily.  All decisions are made after taking into account the rakyats’ capability and ability to shoulder, within our comfort space.

Malaysians should stop crying and start digesting the facts and figures and the reality that we are facing.  We are not infants who need pampering, we are adults who must work and strive to survive in this ever-changing, rapidly-developing world.

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