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POLITIKEvidence That Anwar's Supporters Are Brutal And Cruel

Evidence That Anwar’s Supporters Are Brutal And Cruel

pemuda-gombak-cederaThe fight which occurred at Batu 9, Gombak Utara only clearly showed how brutal the opposition supporters which is led by Anwar Ibrahim really are.

If PR supporters did not start the fight by throwing stones, no one would have bled.

PR’s excuse in this was that the violence was triggered by BN supporters sounds simply stupid, especially when we are all aware of their violence on streets.

To hide the truth by raising sympathy from the public, they then start to publish pictures showing one of their supporters covered in blood at his arms.

The fact that their gang was the first to throw heavy objects are hidden from the public eye. A smart political propaganda which would only last for a while.

This reminds us to an individual known as Bob Samurai, a PR supporter who was said to have been slashed by a samurai sword during Bagan Pinang mini election.

The ones who triggered the clash was PR supporters themselves, and when locals began to be raged upon the matter, they began to sensationalize the story by saying that Bob was slashed by a samurai sword by UMNO supporters.

When investigation was taken, the slice mark was just made up, there was no real wound at all, except for the blood effects which was made up only to strengthen their propaganda.

Did the propaganda work? Of course not, because rakyat knew that everything was done according to the script which was written by Anwar, that is why majority voters decided to reject PR during Bagan Pinang’s mini election.

Have we ever wondered why the nation’s political scenario would always be in a stir since 1998, far different than before September 1998?

The answer is easy, everything has to do with PKR’s General Leader, Anwar Ibrahim who always puts himself first.

Just look at how much chaos has his supporters made during the reformation era around 1998 until 2000, especially through street demonstrations at Kuala Lumpur.

Before the reformation era, everyone was living a harmonious life, people in different parties rarely assemble to show their power in streets.

Long before this, in the 70’s, Anwar and his supporters caused a stir which led to a violent demonstration by students after they were told by Anwar who said that people in Baling, Kedah are dying because of hunger.

But when Anwar was in Barisan Nasional government, everything went back to normal as he gets what he wants.

Except for the Memali tragedy in the 80’s when PAS extremists got too exited to die in syahid just to establish their PAS Islamic state, only to find out that 20 years later, PAS President, Hadi Awang announced that Islamic State has never existed in the Quran.

And just for another extra input for readers, ask yourselves, who were the ones who rallied around Kuala Lumpur in yellow shirts whom then broken police orders by rushing through the barricades set at KLCC as well as the Merdeka Square? That is how violent Anwar and PR supporters really are.

The ones who threw heavy objects to police vehicles then flipping it over, all Anwar supporters.

Every one of them are rude and violent, but they somehow get to roam free without any charge that people are getting tired of PR’s politics.

So, do not be surprised when rakyat decides to reject Anwar and PR in the coming GE13, just like how they rejected the cheap propaganda which is brought by PR during Bagan Pinang’s mini election.



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