Ex-S’wak Report editor reveals Clare-Brown “tampered” with documents as part of plot to topple Najib: Rahman Dahlan #pakdin.my


A former editor of the Sarawak Report has reportedly come forward alleging a conspiracy to bring down Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the 1Malaysia Development Board.

According to Barisan Nasional strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the unnamed editor reportedly gave a video confession, provided in a police report lodged this morning, offering “solid evidence” of the conspiracy.

In the video, the editor alleged that Sarawak Report founder Clare Rewcastle-Brown, a British national, had forged documents used to defame 1MDB in several exposes published by the site.

The editor was also said to have named several people, including prominent opposition politicians, among those involved.

Abdul Rahman, who declined to name the editor or the person who lodged the police report, said the report also included a copy of an e-mail purportedly written by Brown.

“I quote: “Thanks, yes it was quite a job sitting up night after night forging all those documents.”

“It is not clear what she is referring to by “all those documents” but many have cast doubt on the veracity of the 1MDB documents published by the Sarawak Report,” Abdul Rahman said.

Abdul Rahman urged the police to carry out a probe into the allegations immediately, as well as to contact their counterparts in Interpol for assistance in investigating the British nationals involved.

“British nationals can only give testimony when an official probe is launched in the United Kingdom.

“This needs to be done quickly to ensure that any evidence supporting the claims in this report are not removed or destroyed.”