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BERITAENGLISHExplosion: PR's Early Step Towards 'Malaysian Spring'

Explosion: PR’s Early Step Towards ‘Malaysian Spring’

bom nibong tebal

The explosion occurred in Nibong Tebal two days ago should be an eye opener for everyone, that the opposition’s hope of triggering ‘Malaysian Spring’, an uprising just like what was done by Arab countries, is true.

Opposition supporters whom often deny the fact that their leaders are willing to trigger violent riots, should probably think about this again.

The opposition did not try to trigger the spirit of ‘Arab Spring’ this once. We have heard the urge towards copying ‘Tahrir Square’ for a few times, especially from Anwar Ibrahim himself. They include:

1. On January 13, 2013, Financial Times quoted Anwar’s statement saying,”‘Malaysian Spring’ is in an ongoing process and PR will win all fair election.” It seems like Anwar intentionally pictured that Malaysia’s election process is not fair and that he would lose to justify the Arab Spring-like uprising.

2. On February 24, 2013 in an interview in Bangkok published by Inter Press Service (IPS), Anwar said,”We have been late in the process of understanding that our countries must mature as a democracy, to respect democratic institutions, respect the right to dissent and the right to freedom. The Arab Spring has been particularly useful for us in the Muslim world in this regard. It has had an impact about the meaning of democracy.”

3. On April 15, 2013 in an interview with US Business Channel, CNBC, Anwar once again mentioned about ‘Arab Spring’, however, in a light manner, he said,”What we require is good governance in order to strengthen institution of democracy, so that democratic transition is done through the election. You cannot compare this with the turbulence in the Middle East and the Arab Spring”. Clearly, Anwar is a bit ‘nervous’ and he seem to be careful over mentioning the spirit of Arab Spring which he often chant to his supporters before this.

However, looking at the violence happening around us, fights which led to death, findings of various weapons among opposition election workers in Penang by the police, including the explosion, proves that Anwar is not joking around.

The proof can also be seen through the series of demonstrations led by PR all these while. What devastates Anwar is that ‘Malaysian Spring’ still cannot be implemented because he does not have enough participants, and the numbers those who are willing to trigger violence are still small.

Based on Anwar’s own statement as well as the demonstrations he led, there is no reason for opposition supporters to keep on denying the real intention of their de facto, to see Malaysia covered in blood and total destruction. There is no need to deny this fact because the chants of ‘Tahrir Square’ and ‘Arab Spring’ is enough to explain the scenario that they want.

Thus, before opposition supporters let themselves burn thanks to their hate against the government, they should first see the fate which hit Egyptians soon after ‘Tahrir Square’. Tahrir Square did not just caused a lot of casualties, injuries, people losing their homes, left jobless, economy tumbles, business goes down with it. Egyptians now openly expressed their regrets as the new government seem ‘stricker’ than the previous one and that up until today, the government still could not restore the state.

Fact is, not even a single Arab states which went through ‘Arab Spring’ gets to see better governance. So, lets not get Malaysia through that just so that Anwar could reach his dreams of becoming the next Prime Minister.



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