Sunday - July 25, 2021 @ 21:51
NASIONALSABAHExplosions heard in Felda Sahabat #OpsDaulat

Explosions heard in Felda Sahabat #OpsDaulat

ops_daulat_meriam1.30 am: The silence was broken repeatedly with explosions, jolting Felda Sahabat villagers from their sleep early this morning. The New Straits Times heard  the first explosions at about 1.30am.

The shelling intensified with its frequency increasing, with at least three consecutive explosions, every five to 20 minutes. It was at 2.30am when things went silent.

This was the first time, since Ops Daulat started that explosions could be heard from  the media centre. We could not even hear explosions when the terrosits hideout was bombarded on Tuesday.

Security forces believe the terrorists are still holed up in Kg Tanduo and its adjacent Tanjung Batu.



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