Friday - July 30, 2021 @ 14:49
BERITAFacebook and Dropbox Teams Up to Make Sharing Easier

Facebook and Dropbox Teams Up to Make Sharing Easier

Love to share things with your friends and family via social networks? Well, things has just gotten a whole load easier because Facebook and Dropbox have recently teamed up to allow you to share files easily with just a few clicks of a button. Rolling out to users now, the new feature allows you to directly share stuffs from Dropbox into your Facebook Groups so the next time you have some notes to share with your colleagues, need to keep a schedule with your team or even want to share some videos, all you need to do is select Dropbox when you “Add File” on the Group’s page.

It’s not available on my account at the time of writing but when the feature is available, you’ll see Dropbox as an option when you click on “Add File” on your Facebook Group. You’ll then be able to choose to link Facebook to your Dropbox account after which you’ll be able to search through your Dropbox and select what you would like to share be it documents, photos or videos; these files will be compatible with smartphone or tablet users as well.

If you already have the feature on your Facebook account, let us know what you think.

(Source: Engadget, Dropbox)



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