Facebook recently announced a new 360-video functionality to its News Feed. Available immediately, you will now not only see regular videos in one angle, with 360 enabled on compatible videos, you can even drag the video around, and watch it from any point of view.
The feature is available for Facebook on the Web and even on mobile. For web, just drag around the video with your mouse, and for mobile, just pan around by dragging your finger on the video, or even by turning your device. This is definitely a perfect feature for those of you who have a VR headset, and wish to have a more immersive video experience.
As of now, Facebook has a number of publishers that are sharing 360 videos on Facebook like Star Wars, Discovery, GoPro, and a lot more. Check out this Star Wars example courtesy of Disney and Lucasfilm:

360 videos on Facebook is available immediately for the web and Android devices. Facebook says that they will roll it out for iOS “in the coming months”.

Check out Facebook for more information.