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Facebook Updates iOS and Android App, Available for Download Now

Hate the official Facebook app on your mobile, especially if you’re using an iPhone or iPad? Well, so do I. The iPad does not show your Timeline, you can never be brought to the specific post in a group that you received comments on, it always gets stuck and you’re forced to restart the app, and the list could go on forever. Facebook just released a new update for iOS that is said to be built from scratch so say goodbye to all the annoying lags and such, and welcome an app that is twice as fast. Other new changes include smoother and faster scrolling, and photos that loads immediately.

You can download a Facebook 5.0 for your iOS directly from iTunes now. A quick hands on does show a pretty impressive speed improvement from loading posts and showing you your notification and messages. The photo interface has also been revamped to show pictures and comments in a better manner, and you can just swipe up on an image to return to the album. Also as promised, the update also does load up posts faster so there’s practically no wait as you scroll through your wall as the posts loads up automatically though, I would think that this is pretty much dependent on your internet connection.

As for Android users, since you’ve already been blessed with a better app from the beginning, this upgrade is just a small one that allows users to create events right from their mobile device, to add photos and emoticons to messages, and a new photo upload interface that is speedier.

If you’re using a third-party Facebook app right now, will you switch back to the official Facebook app, especially if you’re an iOS user?

(Source: PhoneArena)

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