Failed In Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Now Heads To Nibong Tebal?



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The Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim has been getting sleepless nights lately. The main reason for it is because off the the attacks they the opposition are giving to the Barisan Nasional government, led by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is not bringing any effect.

This is very frustrating to Anwar and his gang in Pakatan Rakyat. They are hoping that BN would go weaker and that support on the PM would go down. Instead of all that, support for the PM is getting stronger and stronger by the day that every one of his initiatives are being openly accepted by the society.

Anwar wants to see rakyat boycotting all programs that are hosted by the government but what is happening now is that rakyat are hoping for the government to help them to survive in this harsh economy.

Anwar is getting head spin in thinking of how to face the popularity that BN is getting and a government that is on full recovery after the 2008 GE.

The party that is being led by him is starting to crumble; PKR’s Deputy President, Azmin Ali is now under investigation because he is charged for having assets, cash and properties that are more than what he could afford as Anwar’s Personal Secretary once back then.

Even rakyat could conclude that how can Azmin, who probably gets around RM2,400 a month could have assets in value of RM30 million.

That is the ones that we know of, what about those that he is hiding?

If such small pet of his could be rich for just being a personal secretary, just imagine how much boss gets.

Anwar is also in dilemma in thinking of his daughter, Nurul Izzah future political career in Lembah Pantai. Since winning the Parliamentary seat since four years ago, there has been not many changes were made by Nurul Izzah to Lembah Pantai which the majority of the people in the area are Malays.

All of the developments around the area would either be PPR projects, stalls and shops for small business owners, all of those made possible with the help of Ministers from the Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing, or Lembah Pantai’s UMNO Chief.

Nurul Izzah had fail as the representative of people because she did not even bring any change to the area.

Anwar is fully aware with the fact that Nurul Izzah only knows how to talk instaed of really doing her job.

A father would do whatever it takes to save the carrier of his daughter because of love.

About two months ago, as Anwar was giving his ceramah at Nibong Tebal, he imagined that he seat would be unrivalled. But his real intention is to see the response of PKR supporters whether they could accept it if Anwar sends Nurul Izzah to compete in Nibong Tebal for the 13th GE.

This is because, he sees that PKR would lose in Lembah Pantai, especially if Nurul Izzah stays there.

Voters from Lembah Pantai are showing positive response towards Raja Nong Chik and he might win big if he is named as the candidate of the area.

Nibong Tebal is represented by MP, Tan Tee Beng who was one of Anwar’s ‘favourite kids’, before he left PKR to become an Independent member.

To save his daughter, Anwar would put Nurul Izzah at that parliamentary seat.

Whatever it is, Anwar would need to save his family and his self interest first before he thinks of other PKR leaders.

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