Sunday - July 25, 2021 @ 02:18
BERITA#FGVH : PAS Cheats To Take Over Settlers' Shares

#FGVH : PAS Cheats To Take Over Settlers’ Shares

Not enough with forcing its supporters to join the Orange Rally, PAS also did it by lying to settlers.

They even sell off orange and green short, as if to request so that FGV share could be suspended, but even PAS themselves are chasing after FGV shares.

This is proven when Kedah government, ruled by PAS, confirmed that 500,000 FGVH shares which is provided by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) which was offered to Bumiputera. This matter was confirmed by Chief Executive of Kedah State Development Corporation (PKNK), Datu Abdul Rahman Ibrahim.

PKNK earlier applied for 1 million share unit but MITI only approved half of it. PKNK subscribed to the share with RM4.55 per unit and invested as much as RM 2,275,000. PKNK even gained gross profit as much as RM47,500 when they sold 50,000 unit at the price of RM5.50 per unit.

We do accept the excuse given by PKNK their share do not have anything to do with politics because PKNK obviously focuses on the profit. In other words, the listing brings benefit to many sides.

But, we are confused with PKNK’s stand because PKNK is an organization under the administration of PAS government and they should move under the objective of PAS.

By taking different aspiration, we do wonder whether PAS Kedah do not agree with PAS Centre once again? All these while, the leadership of Ustaz Azizan, Kedah’s Chief Minister was often criticized for being ‘different’ with PAS Centre that they had to establish Pemandu Committee to ‘guide’ Ustaz Azizan.

This time around, when PAS worked so hard to push members to join the Orange rally, Ustaz Azizan let PKNK take a different action by buying shares which was objected by Orang Rally.

Does this mean that PAS Centre and PAS Kedah could not think alike and that Orange Rally is just another cheap political gimmick? Perhaps some PAS leaders are lying to supporters just so that they could buy those shares?

We do believe that PAS is aware that the listing is a great move and PAS knew that Orange Rally would not bring any difference where the listing cannot be suspended. That is why the purchase of FGVH shares is a blessing in disguise for PAS.

It seems that Orange rally supporters were cheated by PAS. We were lucky that the rally did not turn to a riot like Bersih 3.0 where people are prone to injuries and even death.

However, PAS only managed to lie to a few settlers and supporters where the rally was only attended by less than 5,000 supporters, compared to their target, 20,000 supporters.

Perhaps most PAS supporters have realized that their leaders do cheat on them and they are tired on the fact that none of the rallies bring any benefit to them.

No one can tell when PAS would stop lying to its supporters. Election is getting near but PAS still could not stop using their cheap political strategies which by the end, would eat themselves.







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