#FGVH Shares: Kedah CM Humiliates PAS #pakdin.my

So it is true that Pakatan Rakyat can never work. Not just that the allies cannot work together, but the whole coalition itself is a failure. PKR has been known for its internal issues between Azmin supporters and Khalid Ibrahim’s. And for PAS, it is between Anwarinas and pro-Ulama.

But, recently, the problems get more obvious when a group or an individual within PAS who does not support anyone, not involved in any plans, aspiration nor parti strategies, Ustaz Azizan Razak, Kedah’s Chief Minister.

Previously, Ustaz Azizan Razak had created problems to PAS and PR in a few religious issues which somehow offended DAP, and administrative issue that a few EXCO became rude and rejected his leadership publicly. From there, he was then put under ‘observation’ by Kedah Pemandu Committee to ensure that he would not bring Kedah towards a direction which PR do not want.

As of among rakyat, Ustaz Azizan is seen as a CM who do not know anything. There is not a single project implemented along his leadership. Even issues such as timber turns chronic, KUIN crisis and even Kulim Hi-Tech Park was ignored and he described those issues as ‘UMNO’s illogical attacks’ on him.

Other issues such as water and waste management was said to have been results from previous government. In short, it seems to be very easy to become a CM in Kedah where everything can be ignored by saying “no problem” and “everything is settled”.

Why all these happen is because Ustaz Azizan never really cared about media reports even if it is from pro-government nor opposition. He does not know much about IT and he refuse to listen to anyone. He ‘settles’ issues by listening from people around him only. If the reports were lies, then he would trust the lies.

Thus, it is not impossible that Ustaz Azizan do not know anything about PAS’s stand which rejects the Felda listing all these while. Perhaps he also so not know about the ‘official request’ which asks PAS members to join the Orange Rally.

That is why when Executive Officer of Kedah State Development Corporation (PKNK), Datuk Abdul Rahman Ibrahim proposed to invest RM2,275,000 or 500,000 units to Felda shares, Ustaz Azizan approved of it straight away, thinking that it would be beneficial.

What else needed to be explained by PKNK. They gained RM47,500 in profit when they sold 50,000 unit at the price of RM5.50 per unit compared to when they bought it for RM4.55 per unit.

Due to Ustaz Azizan’s ignorance, PKNK had gained profit, but PAS had suffered loss on form of political issues. Ustaz Azizan somehow accidentally humiliated PAS and proven to PAS members that PAS’s decision was wrong. Thus, proving that the government’s decision to put Felda on the list was a smart move.

A few PAS leaders had began to express their rage over Ustaz Azizan. But we believe that as long as the media do not ask him about the matter, Ustaz Azizan would not know anything about it. And when he realize that he made a mistake, he would act all cool.

Now, what is certain is that PKNK had raised profit from the listing and whatever reason that Ustaz Azizan comes out with, it would not change the fact that FGVH listing had brought benefit towards many sides, including the stated that is being administered by PAS.

Thus, objections made by PAS towards FGVH is not logical and it only reflect their jealousy.