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Financial Times, A Malaysian Story: The Tale of Anwar Ibrahim from his Own Imagination

anwar-bersilatFinancial Times had had a story about Malaysia, just recently, written by Simon Kuper, a sports columnist, following an interview with Anwar Ibrahim at a luxurious Hotel Bristol, Paris, France. A Judaism, some of Kuper’s writings, among others, have also been published in the Jewish Chronicle.

Now, why would a sports columnist, interviewed a Malaysian opposition politician, is a mystery in itself. And why would a compulsive, almost neurotic, politician would go to Paris when the election is in full swing is another mystery, not to mention how he could afford such expensive travel.

The interview began with a line from a 1960’s song sung by Anwar, that if we didn’t know any better, would have thought that Kuper was actually interviewing a singer. But for those who know Anwar well, ‘an actor’ would be a better description of him.

Kuper didn’t ask Anwar about our ‘sepak-takraw’ or ‘silat’ or whatever sports we have here in Malaysia, but instead, he brought to the readers the Tale of a Forever Malaysian Prime Minister Wannabe.

To Kuper, Anwar made it sound like he was a victim of tyranny who was thrown down the dungeon of Alcatraz. ‘Solitary confinement’ was his exact words of being locked up in Malaysian jail for 6 years for sodomy and corruption charges. ‘Singing’ was his only escape and that was why he began the interview with a song, so he said.

Of course, Anwar denied the charges even though all the 3 judges in the Court of Appeal made it clear that they believed he was guilty as charged but had to let him go due to the fact that the still-traumatized-and-scared victim had the dates confused as the crimes happened years ago. Bear in mind that Anwar was before then, the Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister whereby all the police and authorities were under his control.

I guess Kuper must have missed Anwar’s writings and letters and messages that he sent out to the world every now and then from that ‘solitary confinement’. Malaysian government had to deal with all sorts of pressure from the west who believed or decided to believe Anwar’s cry of innocence. Even so, his voice was never blocked and he was free to say anything and claim anything he liked.

Obviously, Anwar had left out the fact that he got a ‘first class cell’ with an ‘on-call beautiful male masseuse’ to ensure of his ‘health’ while in ‘confinement’ – thanks to the generosity of his enemies who put him there.

Anwar portrayed himself to be a man of wisdom, unprejudiced and intelligent by telling Kuper how he became a big reader in jail and read the Bible, Lao Tse, Shakespeares and God knows what.

Apart from these interesting ‘details’ other political journalists would find the overall content of the interview as predictably classic of Anwar Ibrahim. But not to a sports journalist like Kuper, of course.

The interview came out to be nothing but the same old stories where Anwar accused Malaysia as a ‘sham democracy’ and that ‘Malay supremacy is the major problem’. Only this time, Anwar even went a little farther by claiming that all the prisoners in Malaysian prisons are tortured. All the while painting a picture of Malaysia in Kuper’s head, as the most backward, uncivilized, undemocratic and corrupt country that is doomed to be in poverty and instability forever.

And it wouldn’t be Anwar Ibrahim to not include a suspense thriller drama of him being bugged or could be murdered at any time while back home.

Of course, Anwar too, left out the fact that he has been in every kampung and city in Malaysia, in and out of the country like nobody’s business, all year round. He even took a trip on the train just to feel how it’s like to be a Prime Minister on one of a ‘get-close-to-the-people’ program. And during all those trips and visits and talks, no attempt whatsoever was ever made to even trip him over, what more to murder him. Still, Anwar lives in this dream of being the world-most-influential figure. Sometimes, whenever he feels like it, he would have numbers of bodyguards around to show off.

Malaysia is nothing like Anwar described. This country has always been the most peaceful country, an envy of its neighbors and an example for all multiracial countries. The economy has been good and the people are happy with the transformations introduced by the Prime Minister.

So, just in case Kuper hasn’t realized, Anwar is sick. The way he quoted the names ‘Shah’, ‘Putin’ and at many other times, ‘Ghandi’ ‘Mandela’ and ‘Suu Kyii’ in his talks back home, is a vivid proof of his delusional. He somehow thinks that he fits to be in the same league with these legends.

Lately, quite a number of western medias have finally come to realize the fact of Anwar’s instability. Once he is referred to as ‘the chameleon’ for the many characters that he plays. Because of that, todate, we can list out at least a hundred of his closest acquaintances who had chosen to abandon him and confessed of being misled and manipulated by his stories and acts. They are his lawyers, his assistants, his close friends and his hard-core supporters.

Anwar told Kuper that he came from an ordinary family where everything was innocent and pure. He called his non-Malay neighbours ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’, before he ran into an Islamic student association, then straight to UMNO.

Well, for Kuper’s information, everybody in Malaysia called their elderly non-Malay neighbors or strangers ‘uncle’ and ‘auntie’. It’s just our culture and there’s nothing significant about it.

In fact, it was Anwar who introduced racism among the Malay community back when he was the Minister of Education. He was the one who introduced the wearing of ‘baju kurung’, a Malay traditional dress as school uniform and then, head-covers for the girls just to emphasize the importance of differentiating the Muslims and non-Muslims. Up till today, we can still find his prejudice remarks back in the early 80s, towards the Chinese on Youtube. In fact, he was actually ‘invited’ to join UMNO specifically to balance up the extreme Islamic and racist force of PAS at the time.

Anwar had also condemned the Affirmative Action saying that it only helps the rich to get richer and those are, the people in UMNO.

If only Kuper did some homework before meeting Anwar, he would be able to ask Anwar about how the affirmative action had benefited his father, brothers and sisters and friends including his many sleeping partners and made them filthy rich in no time at all when he was the Minister of Finance. If affirmative action was a bad policy that led to corruption, nepotisme and cronisme, then it was Anwar who made it so.

Malaysians don’t refer to Anwar as the ‘Father of Money Politics’ for no reason, you know.

And if Kuper did some homework, he would also know that the Oppositions in Malaysia had won 4 states in the last election, which was the worst ever performance of National Coalition (BN). And that BN had never won back Kelantan, since 20 years ago.

If BN is as corrupt and is in full control over the media, the judiciary system, the police and everything else, could it be such thing as ‘the worst performance’ for the party? And if so, do you really think that Anwar would be acquitted at all? Or better yet, why would BN let him live? Why is he not murdered yet after 15 years of dedicating his life to disturb, irritate, annoy and creating all sorts of trouble for the BN government?

If BN is as cruel and powerful, why not just ‘finished him off’ back in 1998?

Anyway, we understand that as a sports journalist, Kuper might not be able to ask such questions as he is obviously new in politics. But I’m sure in a few years time, like everybody else, Kuper too, would to realize that he had actually interviewed a very sick, delusional man.



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