FIQH Mentaati Pemimpin: Good Lesson For PAS Supporters

Program Fiqh Mentaati Pemimpin which was held on June 16-17 is something that is very good for us considering that Muslims nowadays constantly clash against one another, Everything that was said by all of Muslim Scholars during the program should be taken note.

The easiest conclusion that we can see from here is that the issues of hudud or sins or good deeds among leaders should not be the reason why ummat clash against one another, Leaders should be respected so that the country could be stronger and to not give the enemy any chance to infiltrate.

Other than presentations, another lesson that we all might have missed would be on how we value our Muslim scholars.

Scholars who came to the program are famous scholars including Syeikhul Universiti Al-Azhar himself. The presentations on their papers were made from researches that was done for years. They also spoke from experience where they have seen how clashes happen on West Asian countries.

But, even though all of them are respected scholars, they often told that they are open for any discussions after their presentations.

Besides that, from their personalities, the all spoke in humble, they never raise their voices and they would promote people to unite together, perform good deeds and fight for peace.

If we are to see this closely, none of PAS leaders have any qualities like those scholars have. Instead, they take themselves as the ‘total leaders’ of Islam.

With that, writer would like PAS supporters to think and ask themselves, is Nik Aziz qualified enough to be part of those Muslim Scholars? Is Hadi Awang qualified enough to have a discussion with them?

We know that most PAS supporters know that they have to admit that their Tok Guru and Tuan Guru are nothing to be compared to those Muslim Scholars.

All we hear during Nik Aziz or Hadi Awang or any other of their Ustaz PAS’s ceramah session, we cannot take note from anything except for them complimenting themselves and attacking those who do not agree to how they see the world. Other than quoting from hadith and Quran to fulfil their ceramah sessions, no research were done to those verses. Instead, they used those verses for the own political interest.

Perhaps in raising the spirit to unite in matters of different opinions, Nik Aziz probably have rejected those scholars who all thought that politics should not be the reason why one cannot perform haj. But, sadly, Nik Aziz could not elaborate on his opinions with the right reference. Instead, his opinions were based on his own thoughts and emotions.

That is why we hope that such program should be done again because it would be good for Muslims in Malaysia. For that, we should invite Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Hasan Ali and even Anwar Ibrahim to sit together with Syeikh Uthman AlMuhammady and other scholars for the Fiqh program, all to find a point where they could unite. And with program as this, we could tell which one is the real scholar, which one are the bad scholars and which one is a sodomite