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BERITAFIQH Mentaati Pemimpin: Rulers' Rights To Be Respected

FIQH Mentaati Pemimpin: Rulers’ Rights To Be Respected

We would like to congratulate MyKmu and Generasi Bestari, organizers of the Fiqh Mentaati Pemimpin program that was held for three days at PWTC from 15-17 June recently. The program received various support and compliments from participants because it managed to dig into the issues of respecting rulers according to Islam which confuses most Malaysians.

As one by one of Islamic nations getting destroyed because its people are too emotional that they followed enemy’s words, Malaysia is still standing instead of being destroyed.

Quoting the story which was told by Dr. Muhammad Uthman el-Muhammady, one of the Fellows at the Dr. Muhammad Uthman el-Muhammady, seventh presenter; as he was talking with another Islamic scholar from Turkey, Dr. Ramadhan I think, he said that,”Malaysia is a country that was turned to hell – where the people come from various races and it is as if they are destined to often get into chaos, but Malaysian leaders managed to turn it into a paradise instaed,” – peace and harmony that is.

This fact was actually said by most of the presenters where they mostly describe Malaysia as a country that is blessed by Allah S.W.T. Even the third presenter, Dr. Hamed Mohamed Abdel Rahman, former Dean of Syariah Faculty of Al-Azhar University in Egypt, mentioned that a few Islamic scholars including Dr. Hamza Hassan and a few others did mention Malaysia as a country that could lead all Islamic nations around the globe.

The peace and harmony in Malaysia is something that we cannot deny. Only rakyat themselves sometime violate it. Either work together or suffer like other Arab nations.

There is no way that rakyat could get all of this if we do not have leaders who are just, fast, wise and caring. Do believe that the country would be destroyed if we take leaders who do not have such qualities.

Based on these fatcs, all of the scholars who were at the seminar mentioned that those are the reasons why we should respect our leaders.

The first presenter, Syeikh Mahmoud Abdel Ghany Mahmoud Ashour, former Deputy of Syeikhul Azhar, Egtpt also said that not just rakyat have rights, leaders have their rights as well. Few of their rights include to be respected. If not, the country would come to a complete chaos and will never be developed. Rakyat would suffer then.

Thus, respecting leaders is a must in Islam. As long as the leaders do perform their prayers and do not ask rakyat to head to the wrong path.

“Whoever did not respect their leaders, he would meet Allah on the Judgemetn Day without any stand (arguments)”. MR Muslim. Kitabul Imarah, syarah Nawawi 12/240.

Those who do not respect their leaders will often break. When they break, it is a lot easier for enemies to infiltrate to destroy them by making them attack themselves through hate, vengeance and jealousy.

The destruction of a nation often started when a small group begin to go against their leaders.

With prayers from scholars around the world, let us all hope all Muslims in Malaysia would unite and avoid from fighting against each other only because of politics and self interest.



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