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#FitnahPR – Suaram Insulted Laws Of France

Suaram, an organization that ‘fights’ for human rights should have had high integrity and they should have held on to justice. Denying other people’s rights and spreading rumors is just downright evil.

That is Suaram, an organization that uses the name of ‘human rights’ but they themselves do not have any integrity, do not work with justice, no dignity or even any ethics. Today, we see Suaram as something that is so small because the organization do not even feel guilty for lying to Malaysians and the world just because they want to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister.

They did not just lied once, but multiple times where in each series, they would present statements that are vague and they would include in numbers that would constantly change. At one time, the amount of bribery was EURO114 million. then it changes to EURO1.08 billion. Once Altantuya was said to have a relationship with the PM and then it was said that she had a relationship with Abdul Razak Baginda. They said that Altantuya was a translator and a model, but all of the transactions were done in English, there is no need for any translation. Once, they said that the bribe was paid by DCNS to Perimekar but then it was changed to other companies such as Thales and Terasasi which were not even mentioned in the purchase contract of the submarines.

The worst part for Suaram was when they used the name of France Court, France’s Law and France’s Judge to strenghten their lies.

When their lies were then exposed as rakyat realize that there are no trial at all when it comes to the ‘bribery’ case in the puchase of the subs by Malaysia, Suaram began to panic. So, without even thinking, they kept on making more lies in hopes that rakyat would believe them. For that, they made another lie, saying that Abdul Razak Baginda’s right hand defense analyst man, Jasbir Singh Chahl was the first man who would be given subpoena by Court of France in this case.

What, Suaram thought that Jasbir Singh would remain quiet when his name was used for the interest of the organization? Perhaps Suaram a.k.a the opposition is simply stupid and thought that rakyat would believe in their lies.

Unfortunately, for Suaram that is, Jasbir then came up to slash their claim by saying,”This is a false claim that was made by someone that I have never known or even met.”

Even the France Embassy did not know anything about the subpoena.

So, another lie goes down the drain.

But, for Suaram, an organization that is established by a family of former inmates of ISA, (terrorists) even if their lies goes bust, they would still do it anyway.

It is clear that Suaram do not just show that they do not respect the PM and Malaysian government, they are also being rude towards the Court of France, French Embassy, French Judge, Malaysians, political watchdogs and journalists around the world.

Laws, rules, morals and ethics do not mean anything to those in Suaram. They certainly do not respect anyone and they are not qualified to say that they are fighting for human rights.

Today, for Malaysians officially, they have referred Suaram’s founders such as Cynthia Gabriel, Dr. Kua Kia Soong, Sivarasa Rasiah, Irene Fernandez, Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Tian Chua, S.Arutchelvan, Dr. Nasir Hashim, Elizabeth Wong, Premesh Chandran and others as cheaters and liars that do not have any dignity. So, it is not surprising that why they were arrested under ISA. Only traitors would protect themselves.

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