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POLITIKForeign Agent: PR, SUARAM, What Are The Differences?

Foreign Agent: PR, SUARAM, What Are The Differences?

Since SUARAM has now been proven which they have been receiving foreign fund to bring down Malaysian government instead of being an NGO which fights for human rights, the organization seems more quiet and they rarely come up with any more statements.

This coverage then begin to put a close to the issue of Scorpene submarine and the murder of Altantuya which was said that it has links with the Prime Minister. What is clear here is that all of SUARAM’s lies to picture that there were corruptions and the involvement of the Prime Minister in the murder was a plan which they have made.

In regards to that, it is not impossible that the murder of Altantuya was even part of their plan. Added with versions of different statutory declarations and U-turn and S-turn scripts which was written by PR and SUARAM regarding this case that cost us confusion on the real role that is supposed to be played by PR/SUARAM in this case.

This is because, only those who are guilty would create various version of stories within a single case.

When as for the government, records showed that the response regarding Scorpene or even Altantuya, has never changed. The government and Dato’ Seri Najib did not even know about the story nor the background of the woman.

The ones who really know the history of Altantuya is SUARAM/PR that they could even detect Altantuya in France at certain times even though French police themselves do not have any records regarding her arrival at the country. Isn’t that weird?

It is confirmed that the real issue here is not about Scorpene nor Altantuya, but it is about SUARAM and PR and what they would do to bring the government down.

Perhaps realizing that they are really ‘caught’ this time, theur media, especially Lim Kit Siang’s blog, had published a few articles which tries to describe that Malaysian government is ‘scared’ when the Scorpene issue was raised by SUARAM. But, what is interesting here is that these PR groups do not even deny that SUARAM was sponsored by a foreign fund. Instead, they defended the matter with the excuse that even the government receives foreign fund?

This excuse shows how desperate they are to defend SUARAM.

They could still try to picture government’s ‘fear’, but rakyat are aware of who is afraid and who is not. The ones who are scared are those ones who do not dare to swear in the name of Allah S.W.T when Dato’ Seri Najib himself had done that for four times, saying that he do not know anything about Altantuya.

The ones who are scared are the ones who are anxious, kept on spinning the story, making statuory declaration and taking it back, writing every single detail and later denied things which they have written.

And the scared ones are the ones who had to fled o other countries and refuses to face the country’s court even though they have concrete evidence to confirm the story.

Who are these people? Pakatan Rakyat themselves, of course. Now, with the links between SUARAM and foreign fund getting more and more obvious, their fear rises, and they would try hard to belittle the foreign fund which they are receiving.

If PR is not involved with foreign agent, why would they need to defend foreign agents such as SUARAM? Why can’t they relate the fact that accepting foreign fund would bring the meaning that one is a foreign agent?

The answer is, SUARAM is PR. So, the conclusion here would be PR is a foreign agent and they are traitors to the country!



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