Former Officer Wants To Reveal Phaik Kheng-Guan Eng R’ship

Considering that Guan Eng, Betty Chew and Phaik Kheng do not want to provide any explanation regarding the crisis which hit them, most rakyat have came to the conclusion that Guan Eng’s scandal with Phaik Kheng is true and the claim which Betty Chew had caused the injury on Guan Eng’s forehead is also true.

The conclusion was made based on their response which they try to avoid the matter and that Betty Chew went berserk when asked about it.

But, rakyat may have another excuse to believe this scandal when a former officer to Lim Guan Eng is said to be revealing the matter in details.

The officer is said to be quite close to Phaik Kheng.

Sources said that the officer want to defend Phaik Kheng who is now often mocked by friends, supporters and those under Betty Chew.

According to the officer, Phaik Kheng should not be treated as such because Lim Guan Eng is to be blamed too.

When would it be done is still uncertain. Perhaps it would be revealed right before the coming General Election?

It is hard for us to predict because the officer was said to be worried for the response which would be given by the Chief Minister’s office if the information is given.

However, sources also told that the officer is someone who do not have a strong stand and could easily give up.

Whatever it is, let us all wait and see how this pans out. We hope that Betty Chew and Guan Eng would remain calm when they see this news.