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BERITAENGLISHFrance Offered Malaysia In Buying Military Equipment: Another Proof That Scorpene Issue...

France Offered Malaysia In Buying Military Equipment: Another Proof That Scorpene Issue Was Fabricated @SUARAM_INTL

Media today reported that French President, Francois Hollande expressed his interest in expanding trade relation with Malaysia especially through sale of military goods. Few of the things which was offered are jet fighters, helicopter as well as guided missiles. President Hollande also described Malaysia as an important country when it comes to economic cooperation.

This statement would definitely sound weird if we are to take account on SUARAM’s charge which said that Malaysian leader is being investigated over corruption charge in the purchase of Scorpene submarine from France. There is no way that the French government would be interested to trade with Malaysia if SUARAM’s charge is true.

So, now it is getting more and more clear that SUARAM had lied and it is an organization which is led by liars.

Looking back at SUARAM’s lies, the organization had tarnished the image of not just the Malaysian government, but also this country’s police, judge as well as France’s law. SUARAM had simply used French judge as they made the statement saying that the corruption issue on Scorpene is under process. And that a few names would be given subpoenas have been received.

Even though they were caught red handed when French prosecutor made an official statement saying that there were no trials made against the purchase of Scorpene at the country, SUARAM still insisted in selling their lie.

Soon after that, SUARAM used Tan Sri Musa Hassan, former Police Chief to picture that as if the investigation is still on progress and that their charge is true.

However, Tan Sri Musa then denied the matter which says that he would held a press conference in Bangkok to reveal this new development regarding this issue like what was claimed by SUARAM.

The fact is, SUARAM’s complaint was rejected by French court since March because it was baseless. And SUARAM is now working to make an appeal to it.

The question is, why wouldn’t SUARAM tell the truth? That their complaint was rejected and now waiting for appeal? Why would they describe that a trial in on progress? Why would they pick out names of those who would be given subpoenas? Why tarnish the image of Dato’ Seri Najib and Malaysian government> Why would they fabricate document of evidence and spread it?

Why is Cynthia Gabriel, and all of SUARAM leaders’ dignity is too low? Don’t they feel embarrassed?

Now, SUARAM’s attempt to bring down Dato’ Seri Najib as well as Malaysian government has come to a dead end as it has been revealed that everything was fabricated. But what is even greater is that even though all of the efforts and money invested by SUARAM to bring down Dato’ Seri Najib, the name of our Prime Minister gets even more famous and Malaysia is getting more and more trusted especially as trade partners in military goods.

Thus, perhaps OSI, an organization owned by George Soros which is believed to be the backbone of this lie should reconsider their ’employees’ or its ‘agents’ in SUARAM. It seems too obvious that they are too stupid for using such stupid strategy. Their lie did not just cost the organization its credibility, it also cost loss for Soros

Moreover, this also revealed to the society regarding all the agendas, strategies, operations as well as modus operandi among those who want to take over the world as well as their agents.



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