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BERITAGarnet Red and Titanium Grey Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives in Malaysia

Garnet Red and Titanium Grey Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives in Malaysia

Update (13 September 2012): Samsung just made an announcement that the Titanium Grey Samsung Galaxy S III will be arriving in Malaysia on 24 September 2012, not 17 September as previously reported.

Remember when Samsung announced new colors for its popular Samsung Galaxy S III flagship smartphone? If you were hoping to land your hands on one, they’re here – two of the four colors announce at least. Taking the same nature-inspired design queue, the two new colors are inspired from the Earth’s richest material: Garnet Red and Titanium Grey.

The Samsung Galaxy S III was originally designed with the humans in mind and the design ethos is again brought to life through these new color variants, which are all derived from man’s relationship with natural materials. The new colors also adopts a pure and clear material called Hyperglaze on the back cover casing, to give it the three-dimensional look, further elevating the phone’s aesthetic look.

The Garnet Red version is available now with the Titanium Grey option expected to land on our shores by 17 September 2012 24 September 2012.



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