Tuesday - July 27, 2021 @ 07:35
BERITAENGLISHGE13: DAP to run on PKR or PAS ticket if de-registered, says...

GE13: DAP to run on PKR or PAS ticket if de-registered, says Karpal Singh

pakatan-rakyatGEORGE TOWN: DAP candidates will be contesting under a PKR or PAS banner if any steps are taken to de-register the party before nomination, said its national chairman Karpal Singh.

“This is a cause of concern for DAP and we will be thrown into disarray because we cannot use our party’s symbol to contest in the general election as we are now provisionally de-registered pending investigation,” said Karpal

Karpal said DAP will give their full co-operation to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) in their investigations over the party’s controversial elections.

However, he reiterated that all investigation has to be done fairly.

“Every effort must be made by the ROS to ensure that the party is allowed to use its symbol in the upcoming general election.”



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