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Google Nexus 4 Sold Out in 24 Minutes, Surprises No One

With When Google announced its new range of Nexus devices, stunning the tech world in the process with the Nexus line’s combination of powerful hardware with spectacularly competitive pricing, many were seeing the Nexus 4 by LG to be the Nexus to look out for. It’s hardly a surprise. With industry-leading specs at a fraction of the price of a flagship device, we even speculated that this might just be our choice for smartphone of the year.

The Nexus 4 went on sale earlier yesterday in the Google Play stores of the UK and Australia first, with both selling out in less than an hour – theoretically matching the iPhone 5’s incredible 2 million pre-orders in sixty minutes. Of course, with no hard numbers on just how many Nexus 4s were on sale, the iPhone 5 still holds the record.

Shortly after, the US Google Play store put the Nexus 4 on sale. You can tell just how eager the Americans were in getting the Nexus 4 – despite the lack of LTE connectivity – just by how quickly the device was sold out. Again, with no hard numbers the iPhone 5 still wins here, but it took a mere 24 minutes before the Play Store ran out of stock for the Nexus 4.

With such intense public interest in the US for the Nexus 4, it appears the lack of LTE isn’t something many in the US seem to care about, and in the process pouring cold water on many critics slamming Google for not including LTE on the Nexus 4. It’s hardly rocket science: at only $350, the Nexus 4 offers stunning value for money even for Americans, despite enjoying all sorts of carrier subsidies.

Let’s hope that LG Malaysia does not pull an ASUS and price the Nexus 4 fairly when it eventually makes its way here.

(Source: GSMarena)

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