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BERITANASIONALGovernment Should Delay #Lynas Operation

Government Should Delay #Lynas Operation

Lynas plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, a rare earth processing plant which is one of the most important necessity material in the world today for the production of modern technology devices, is still in issue.

It is not too much to say that Lynas has become a political victim for the opposition only because they are out of issues to play. It is not shocking if Lynas would become the victim of foreign power to ensure that they would not be able to break the monopoly of the rare earth production by China.

As for today, all experts, international atomic and nuclear organizations and the select committee which was formed to observe the safety aspect of Lynas had came to a decision where the plant is safe. Not just that, the infrastructure was also said to be far more advanced than plants that are in developed countries.

But, the opposition who took themselves as ‘nature lovers’ still denies that fact. Instead, they kept on arguing saying that the plant is not safe, without any concrete evidence.

In a way, their arguments had raised doubts among rakyat around Indera Mahkota and Kuantan. And obviously, rakyat do not want to have any doubts in matter as this.

That is why there is nothing wrong is the government take a little time to provide space to rakyat to go through the details of this issue.

Lynas would not suffer loss if the government asks them to stop their operation until things are cleared up. In other word, stop for a while rather than cancelling the whole project just like that.

We cannot deny that residents that live at the surrounding area of the plant do have their worries due to talks given by the opposition about Lynas.

That is why we need to take a smart measure in explaining and convincing them about scientific evidence which shows that Lynas is safe. This can be done through a few sessions tto residents. besides that, rakyat should be given easy access to find the right information about Lynas so that they would not feel cheated.

Only by taking those measures, Lynas controversy can be put to a full stop. We do not want Lynas’s operations to be stopped and politicized because of certain agendas.

With this, we believe that delaying the operations of Lynas would be the best for the government, the country and rakyat.



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