Green Protest: 300km Walk To Lie To Rakyat #Lynas

The group which goes against Lynas, Himpunan Hijau, still refuse to give up even though court had rejected their injunction application for failing to prove that the plant’s operations are dangerous.

The court decision was celebrated by Lynas staff which majority of them are Muslims are residents of Gebeng.

From there, Himpunan Hijau which majority of its participants are Chinese which are not from Gebeng, refuse to give up and continue with the protest.

Thus, by using their stories on victims of radioactive waste in rare cases which happens in other countries, Himpunan Hijau had began their 300km walk for 14 days beginning today, from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur to proceed with their protest.

They are expected to arrive at Dataran Merdeka by November 25 before marching towards the Parliament. They are somehow hoping that they could get more support by passing through villages and towns along the way, to campaign.

What is certain, Himpunan Hijau is just an empty campaign because they do not have any facts nor figures to prove that Lynas plant is dangerous. What they have are only stories on nuclear, its effects and stories of victims which were involved in the tragedy.

Despite that, not all of those facts fall on Lynas because Lynas is not a nuclear plant and it does not produce any dangerous radioactive waste. Lynas plant is just a chemical plant which could be dangerous but it is a lot lower than the level which was recommended, and it is very secure.

The security system to this plant was approved by international organizations which are responsible on issues regarding radioactive, atom and nuclear. Lynas plant is dubbed as the most hi-tech rare earth plant today. With its existence in Gebeng, Malaysiawill become the main competitor to the word’s main producer, China. Hence, increasing Malaysian economy considering that rare earth is one of the basic elements which are needed to develop high-tech goods.

Considering all of these facts, it is not surprising why Lynas became a controversy. Its great potential became threat to various industries around the world.

The sad part here is when certain rakyat chooses to bring down something which would benefit the country. It gets even sadder as rakyat simply fell for these empty stories and that they refuse to consider the facts and figures given to them.

Himpunan Hijau are willing to walk 300km just to lie to rakyat, only to reach their objective of causing loss to both the country and rakyat. Their actions also show that they have their doubt on the government and that they are belittling court’s decision.

Few of the activists in this group, Wong Tack, tries to convince us that this walk is not planned, instead, it came from random support.

Who would be too stupid to believe him when we have long known how this group has been operating. We do know that they did organize demonstrations and programs in a few places, all equipped with campaign materials, t-shirt as well as organized logistics.

Besides that, even though many Chinese are known to hate the government, they usually refuse to join rallies with others which ‘fights’ for rakyat issues. Even in the BERSIH issue, not many Chinese were willing to join PAS and PKR supporters under the hot sun. Even if there were, they were only there to ‘show their faces’ for a while.

But, for some reason, with Lynas, this race somehow would have a walk which goes for days. There is no way that they really care about the security or health on Gebeng residents because since when do these ‘kiasus’ ever get concerned on anything which has nothing to do with them?

Thus, what is the real reason, or to be more precise, what is their reward, which led them to this?