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BERITAENGLISHGTP And ETP Target Reached, #Promises Kept

GTP And ETP Target Reached, #Promises Kept

gtp-etpNow, many should be going through the annual report of Government Transformation Program (GTP) and Economic Transformation Program (ETP) which was presented by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, a few days ago.

Some opposition leaders might do the same, going through the numbers, making sure that all information given are facts instead of lies just to blind rakyat. This is because it is their best chance, to keep on hitting the government to ensure that rakyat would vote for the opposition in the coming general election.

However, the important thing is, how can they twist facts and figures that was presented by the government. Because rakyat are smart enough to see government’s effort as it brought in GTP and ETP in 2010 and 2011 which was implemented alongside Political Transformation and Social Transformation Program which has now become a success.

Government’s effort to form National Transformation Policy also has made its impact as quality of rakyat’s lives improve, economy gets better and the country’s financial status gets stable day by day.

The thing which we can all be proud of would be the the fact that all initiatives introduced before this to ensure that the country could get to its objective to become a high-income nation by year 2020, is getting there. Besides, it is one of the most daring experiments made by the government led by Prime Minister in practicing the principle of transparency and responsibility towards rakyat.

All the cynical and prejudice attitude shown by opposition coalition led by Anwar Ibrahim back then against the National Transformation Policy has proven to be baseless.

What is more interesting, opposition news portal such as Malaysian Insider, published a positive story regarding the report which was presented even though they were once known as the opposition’s official media that only knows how to blame the government in every way.

Few of the interesting part include, proof (of progress) was in the Gross National Income – from US$257 (RM802.5) in 1957 to US$9,970 (about RM31,000) last year, an increase of almost 4,000% in over five decades while poverty had dropped from 60% in the early days of Independence to just 1.7% in 2012.

The initiative introduced by the government is seen as successful as it manages to get 100,000 rakyat away from poverty. 100,000 affordable homes were developed so that rakyat could afford to own their own home.

According to Datuk Seri Najib, with such great performance, he hopes that rakyat could keep on supporting the government so that each plans can be implemented for the sake of Malaysia’s future.

For further information, please refer to YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s blog which is featured in 1Malaysia blog,



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