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Guan Eng Proven To Have Ignored Bumiputera Housing

After the presentation of Audit Report, Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister can no longer deny the fact that Penang government DAP is not racist for isolating Malays who cover the majority of middle income and low income people of the state.

It has now been revealed that a sum of RM33.36 million worth of Akaun Amanah Perumahan Bumiputera remain unused. This amount comes to an increase of 58% from the previous year which was RM21.11 million.

Guan Eng’s action in ‘keeping’ the budget actually shows that he stands on defending the racism practice within his party as at the same time, DAP Penang has often been active in developing various other projects in the state.

Bumiputeras in Penang should take this report seriously as it involves the survival of a race at the state as a whole and for the long term. Would we be able to bear the fact that out state might be owned by other people?

Even though DAP is a party that is in Malaysia and the leaders are among Malaysians, their actions in ignoring other races in their ruling had somehow turned them into colonialist.

People say that there are two ways to colonize a race. They can either ‘kill’ or ‘confiscate everything that forms the racial identity’. That is why by eliminating other races other than Chinese from Penang, DAP hope that they could eliminate the original racial identity. This is consistent with their efforts to change the history including their attempt to show that Chinese were one of the earliest migrants that came to this country.

Such attempts can be read through what had been done by their ‘brother’ in Singapore, PAP where the history of the country began long before Parameswara (1344), but they had done their best to wipe that off, only because it proves the identity and evidence of power among Malay.

Instaed, the history of Singapore was re-written beginning from 1781 with the arrival of Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles from Britain. This only reveals how Chinese really hate to approve Malay’s power, even though it was just history, but they would rather accept the West.

And the same stand has been long planted within Lim Guan Eng and DAP generally.

Thus, bumiputera in Penang should know the intention of their Chief Minister and ruling party. Every single action which are taken by Guan Eng in Penang should be investigated, regarding it effects on bumiputera in long term.

Guan Eng’s agenda is so clear and his hope to achieve ‘Chinese ruling’ in Penang is true.

Bumiputera in Penang is now facing the threat of eviction in a fine manner. They might lose everything from their lands to their identity and dignity.

But, all of these can be stopped by making the right decision in the coming General Election. Your future is in your own hand.

What is certain is that the audit report shows the truth and Guan Eng’s denial are all lies. Do you still want to deny that?

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