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POLITIKHadi As PM: Prove That PAS Believe That Anwar Loves Adultery

Hadi As PM: Prove That PAS Believe That Anwar Loves Adultery

PAS’s 58th Muktamar ended with a prayer to destroy UMNO is seen as a successful effort by the party to convince its supporters that the only objective for the party is to get to Putrajaya and anything that blocks their path, should be destroyed.

Thus, all of the doubt hitting the top leadership regarding ‘ways’ which they should use to get to the objective, should be ‘dumped’ or they will be taken as traitor to the party, and Islam!

To give confidence to the top leadership which still doubt on PAS’s capabilities in dominating Pakatan Rakyat to implement hudud, Hadi Awang then needs to be polished to close up the focus on Anwar Ibrahim.

So, Hadi Awang is then cheered with this ‘hudud choir’ and he admitted that he got exited with the idea of being the next Prime Minister.

He then said that making him as the next Prime Minister would show that Islam has won and if he is destined to die after that, he is prepared for it.

The question is, who is Hadi Awang to put himself as a symbol of Islam? How is it possible that voting him as the next PM symbolises a victory for Islam? What has he done for Islam and Muslims all his life?

And is Hadi deaf for not hearing all of Lim Kit Siang dream in wanting to build a secular country and to destroy Islam as the official religion? How can we say that Hadi fights for Islam when he works closely together with Lim Kit Siang?

With DAP’s anti-Islam approach and PKR’s Western mindset, how can PR’s victory and taking Hadi as the next Prime Minister could be said as a win for Islam?

It is clear that Islam is just a political game for PAS. But everyone knows that.

The issue here is no longer the fact that PAS uses Islam as part of their political game but it is about why would Hadi Awang take himself as the future Prime Minister when PR has agreed to take Anwar as the next PM?

The answer is none other than because PAS is aware with who Anwar Ibrahim really is and they cannot accept a sodomite, corrupted and a man who loves adultery as the next Prime Minister. All these while, PAS has been trying their best to deny Anwar’s bad acts but finally, PAS had to consider the anxiety of top leadership in terms of gaining support from the party’s supporters in facing the coming election.

Previously, Hadi Awang himself worked hard to defend Anwar by saying that the video was just a machine and cannot be considered as a witness nor evidence. Today however, it has been proven that Hadi Awang actually doubted himself. He is actually convinced that Anwar is not fit enough to be the next Prime Minister because he is filled with scandals.

Despite that, for the sake of Pakatan Rakyat, Hadi would lie and use verses from Al-Quran just to defend Anwar. Perhaps in this recent Muktamar, Hadi Awang raelized that top leadership had known that he had lie to them all these while. And for that, he needs to show that he also agrees that a sodomite and a person who is involved in adultery cannot be the next Prime Minister.

Especially when members showed support in appointing him as the next Prime Minister, Hadi and PAS gets more confident that they will dominate PR.

But, as usual, PAS fail to see the impact from this Muktamar. PAS supporters’ great spirit in seeing Hadi as the next Prime Minister would be something negative if we are to look at the context of Pakatan Rakyat’s politics. This is because, supporting Hadi would mean rejection towards Anwar Ibrahim.

This would lead to an internal crisis between Anwarinas and the Ulama group which we will be able to see in the coming GE. Besides that, this would also raise doubt among DAP members on their cooperation with PAS. This is because, DAP only united with PAS due to the factor of Anwar Ibrahim. Without Anwar, they would not work together.

The conclusion, a high spirited PAS does not result to a stronger PR. Instead, it might just break their coalition as election day comes closer



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