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POLITIKHadi Is Dying?

Hadi Is Dying?

anwar vs hadiThe issue of Hadi’s message is still haunting PAS even though they had done just about everything to cover the issue. The issue might come in and out, but it does not mean that it is no longer relevant. Like what was revealed, the message has caused a lot of negative impact to rakyat, including death.

Various matters has been raised to Hadi, trying to get him to take back his message, but until now, he still haven’t say anything. Other than Nik Aziz’s statement in harakah who tried convince people that Hadi Awang is a wise man and he knows what he’s doing, only those in social networking sites try to defend the message as either true, or stale.

Hadi never really felt responsible over his supporters who divorced their wives or broke their parents heart, all because they believe that those people are kafir, based on the message.

Hadi Awang also seem ignorant towards the children of those who died during Memali tragedy who still believe that their parents are syuhada as they die fighting against kafir government.

As for now, he is only interested to talk about the election and not religion.

This is what people are thinking of Hadi’s silence.

However, it is not wise for us to be as arrogant as Hadi Awang. That is why we should be open to accept the probability that our perception might be wrong.

That is why we should consider what people are saying in kedai kopi, saying that Hadi Awang is sick. It is rumored that not that he does not want to provide his response to the media, it is because he could not face them in his current condition.

It is true, only a few days ago, he seem very healthy and strong enough to be the next Prime Minister, but out of the sudden, he is said to be very sick. Some say that he is too pressured with this message issue because he does not know the best way to handle it without jeopardizing Pakatan Rakyat’s chance to head to Putrajaya.

If he defends his followers belief that UMNO is kafir and the death of those during the Memali Tragedy is syahid, then he might face more divorce and issues among his own followers, which would threaten PR.

If he denies that he used to say that UMNO is kafir, then he would need to face his former supporters who said that people around them are kafir. He would also need to tell the children of those who died during the Memali tragedy that their parents died just like that, their death do not mean anything to the religion. This would also bring bad impact to PAS and PR.

Thus, Hadi is really stressed because he is scared that this issue might stop him from getting to be in Putrajaya.

That is why we should pray for a fast recovery for him so that he could face the media and explain everything.



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