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Hadi Turned Himself To A Kafir!

amanat hadi (rumi)A little while back on April 7, 1981, there was an open ceramah in Kampung Banggol, Peradong, Kuala Terengganu which featured Hadi Awang as the main speaker who then created history for breaking up Ummah for more than two decades. All because of his message or fatwa.

From his message, it is clear that he urged his followers to go against UMNO as the party practices colonial constitution, kafir laws and jahiliyah rules. He then referred the rejection as a jihad where if anyone dies while fighting against UMNO, they would receive syahid because UMNO is kafir.

According to Islam, based on the context above, any resistance which can be referred to as jihad is a resistance in forms of war between Muslims against those who goes against Muslims.

Syahid is when someone died as they fight for Allah SWT, as they fight against those who fight against Islam. Kafir refers to those who do not recite the Kalima and do not believe in AllahSWT.

Thus, we do not have to go far to see how Hadi’s message clashes with Islamic teachings as it has been proven that UMNO is not part of the characteristics of kafir like what is stated in the Al-Quran.

It is sad for us because quite a lot of Muslims in Malaysia fell with Hadi’s message because they refuse to think and go through Al-Quran as reference. From there, Muslims start to hate one another, families broken, siblings fight, marriage broken etc. Even though time has passed, these people still hold on to such message as if there is no end to it.

From the status quo, it seems like Hadi woud not take back his message, or in other words, he still want his followers to believe that UMNO is kafir for practicing colonial constitution, kafir laws and jahiliyah rules.

However, what scares us is as the followers goes for ‘jihad’ against UMNO which is believed to be kafir, Hadi somehow turn himself to a kafir as he acknowledges colonial constitution, kafir laws and jahiliyah rules which is practiced by UMNO. For that, Buku Jingga which becomes Pakatan Rakyat’s Joint Policy is the official document to show how Hadi turn himself as a kafir.

Actually, Hadi has turned himself to a kafir even during GE11, back when PAS was looking for the formula to maintain their win and to widen their victory in elections. PAS then decided that working alongside DAP is a must, being together with Anwar is a must.

Finally, the policy and laws which was said to be the reason why UMNO turn to a kafir is now acknowledged by Hadi. What is this happening?

It seems that an egoistic man who describes himself as an Ulama is willing to turn himself to a kafir rather than taking back his message. What else can we say?

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