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Abdul Hadi Awang said PAS would not force DAP to accept the implementation of Hudud but in the same context, he added DAP did not oppose even though it did not agree.

What Hadi is saying is simple…so long as DAP does not oppose they can be partners despite PAS cannot and will not be able to implement the Hudud.

Actually, a sane man would ask: “What actually is Hadi talking about? Does he know that his party cannot implement Hudud due to the disagreement and in this sense, where does PAS go from here?”

Hadi has lost his senses because his party cannot implement Hudud and Islamic laws even if the opposition pact wins Putrajaya due to the disagreement and objections from DAP and PKR.

To Hadi, as he had said the main objective was to win Putrajaya and after that he did not mention whether PAS could or could not implement the party’s objective to set up an Islamic state.

It is a pity that a leader of an Islamic party that has struggled since the 50s to set up an Islamic state failed again just bvecause the party aligned itself with two other political parties that do not place Islam in high position.

Whether he will be the Prime Minister or not if the opposition pact wins Putrajaya, Hadi cannot guarantee or ensure that an Islamic state would be set up.

As such, voters should not see Hadi as the champion of Islam and the religion’s struggle when he and his party party could not establish an Islamic state as he and his party promised and pledged.

Not going too far in the future, even in Kelantan where the party has ruled for nearly 20 years, the party has not even implement any Islamic laws except the nitty gritty laws that invited angry reactions from the non-Muslims.

In short, Hadi does not know where he and his party is going and so thus the leaders in the party where they are not insync with each other in many matters including the use of kalimah ALLAH by Christians in their Bible.

The party’s deputy spiritual chief Dr Harun Din had insisted and put his foot down on the matter, contrary to Hadi’s own statement on the use of kalimah ALLAH issue.

With such background in the party as well as the debacle on seats in Penang and few other states, the party is actually in a tight spot – between political inspiration and religious compulsory obligations.

And what Hadi and his party try so hard to ignore is the opinions of Muslims who know and can differentiate between the party’s religious obligations and political greed.

Thus, Hadi’s sandiwara is exposed for all to see.



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