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Harakah Claimed Hadi Only Deserve To Be A Fisherman

During the recent Muktamar PAS, we have seen how motivated PAS members were in suggesting that their President, Datuk Seri Hadi Awang should be appointed as the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat rules. Hadi Awang did not fully reject their suggestion. Instead, he took a much more ‘open’ approach towards any decision suggestion or decisions. He even imagined that it would be exiting if it becomes reality. This shows that Hadi is also interested to become a PM.

Today, Tun Mahathir made a statement that Hadi Awang truly deserve the post, more than other PR leaders based on his clean background compared to Anwar Ibrahim.

However, the suggestion had caused this uneasy feeling among PAS leaders. Some of them even rejected the idea of taking Hadi Awang as PM.

Datuk Mustafa Ali, PAS’s Secretary General made a clear statement that PAS top leadership did not even take any of PAS member’s suggestions seriously to appoint Hadi as PM. PAS’s number two man, Mat Sabu also clearly rejected the suggestion as he follows the agreement with DAP to appoint the man he used to call Al-juburi, as the next Prime Minister.

As we look upon the support of other PAS leaders in trying turn PAS members’ dream come true in this issue, it is sad for Hadi Awang as his own ‘knights’ have no confidence in him. It should be embarrassing for Hadi for having his strongmen rejecting the idea to appoint him as PM.

What is more shocking is when Harakahdaily, PAS’s official media seemed to be ‘shy’ in touching on matter of Hadi as PM. Instead, the media pictured Hadi’s image as a fisherman at sea and took his quote which said that it is more comfortable to be a fisherman than a Prime Minister.

What does this mean? Is this some sort of a game for Harakahdaily? To show how ‘zuhud’ Hadi Awang is? Or to show the real status of Hadi where he should just be a fisherman instead of a party leader?

Their game seem a little weird if we are to look at it in the context of PAS’s internal politics. We might burst in laughter if we are to see pictures of Dato’ Seri Najib or Tun Mahathir as fishermen because it does not really fit them. Just as same as looking at how Obama pounding rice where he looked funny and out of place.

But, putting the picture of Hadi as a fisherman has really given us a different impact because his character and background really seem to fit the picture. How can a person who has the image of a fisherman could fit the image of a Prime Minister?

So, the question here goes back to Harakahdaily where we want to know what are their real motives. We are well aware that DAP and PKR’s top leadership do not take Hadi Awang as one of them. Hadi Awang himself seem to lose confidence as he faces those leaders who are more aggressive, fast, cunning and smart when it comes to the matters of the world. If it isn’t for Hadi’s weakness, PAS would not have sacrificed their objective of forming an Islamic country and hudud just so that they could follow Pakatan Rakyat.

If Hadi is a real leader, PAS would not have stood silent when it comes to issues such as murtad, alcohol, gambling, entertainment centres etc. Instead, the party would attack DAP and PKR just like how they attacked UMNO with the same issue.

The fact is, Hadi is not a leader for various races, he is just a leader for a single race which is the Malay and even that is limited to a single group, a group which only think that Ulama knows everything.

Thus, perhaps Harakahdaily is trying to ‘teach’ this group to be more open on where Hadi Awang really belong? That is why, putting Hadi Awang as a fisherman is hoped that it could open the eyes of the group on who has been leading them all these while.

Is Harakahdaily trying to force PAS members to accept the fact that they have no other choice but to obey to DAP and PKR because PAS do not have a real leader? All these while, PAS has been led by followers who do not do anything and cannot defend themselves. Leaders who are led can never be a PM, and they should be more qualified to become fishermen where they could just drift at sea while getting their catch of the day.

Hadi mahu jadi nelayan

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