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Harakah’s Report On Budget For SAR: To Coax PAS Members Or To Flatter DAP?

pas anjing dapPAS, a party which is stuck in PR’s conflict and running out of ideas in confusing rakyat to spread hate against BN.

During the previous Budget presentation, BN was criticized for ‘not focusing’ on Islam as it does not go into details for the budget for Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR).

This matter should not have been an issue because SAR is not under the government. Instead, it is privately owned. Thus, it is illogical to ask the government to cover all the operation cost for SAR. Logically, if they do not have the means to build a school, why build it in the first place only to destroy children’s future for the low quality education?

Even then, the government still help these children where in 2011, RM95 million was given to SAR. Even 156 our of 382 SAR around the country were registered under the ministry and the status’s changed to sekolah agama bantuan kerajaan (SABK) where they get direct budget under the national education budget.

That is why, the opposition’s critics saying that the government do not care simply came from a politician who are crazy for power, not a statement from a Muslim who really fights for religion.

Other SAR’s refusal to register under the government still cannot be understood. If it is true that SAR sincerely want to teach religion, why refuse to operate under the government to get direct fund? Why should it shy away from the national education plan but at the same time begs for the government’s aid?

It is no longer a secret that most SAR spreads PAS’s understandings, opposition’s understanding to go against the government. SAR is also often linked with moral issues among students as well as teachers. This is probably one of the reasons why SAR cannot be given direct funds. Instead, the matter should be studied first so that the institution would not be the factor towards the destruction of ummah in the future.

Based on this fact, we are not surprised why Lim Guan Eng did not hesitate to register SAR into the budget of Islamic religios affairs for Penang’s Budget. Guan Eng is well aware that SAR will help to develop more Malays who will never be able to compete and that they will only follow DAP.

However, the statement given by PAS Selangor Youth Chief, Ustaz Hasbullah Mohd Ridzwan regarding this matter is seen as overly complimenting Lim Guan Eng.

Hasbullah said, the Budget proves that Guan Eng do care about SAR and the central government should be ashamed of it.

When the fact is, according to the State’s Budget report, Penang Government had put aside RM13.84 million for 2013 to develop mosques, surau as well as SAR. This means, there is no details regarding funding for SAR. The RM13.84 is not as much if we are to consider the development on the new mosque which they want to build which would be OKU friendly, Masjid Jamek Sungai Gelugor, Daerah Timur Laut as well as the Masjid Jamek Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai Utara.

Moreover, as the budget mentioned that the overall budget for religious programs for next year is RM46.42 million, the term religious activities is too general and we cannot be certain whether that is for Islam or it covers every religion. If it is for every religion, then Islam only gets the RM13.84 million and the other RM32.58 would be for other religion. The number clearly shows that Guan Eng does not really champions Islam.

That is why Ustaz Hasbullah is no more than Guan Eng’s loyal busboy where he would simply create his own story just to please DAP. Even Harakah’s headline on this matter seems wrong when they mentioned that Penang raised the budget for SAR as much as 300%. The report did not even have any statistics, clearly used as their points to hit the central government.

The question is, how many PAS members fell for the report? How many of them would really go through the real facts to confirm the statement made by the PAS Selangor Youth Chief?

DAP fights for Secular country where getting rid of Islam as the official religion is a must so that everything could be equal. So, when did they really care about Islam? DAP has never really go around the bushes when it comes to this matter. But PAS seems to really fight for DAP that one of PAS’s youth leaders even pictured that Guan Eng is more Islam than Dato’ Seri Najib.

Hence, it is wrong for us to say that PAS is just a dog to DAP?



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