Haron Din Is Lying To Himself #pakdin.my

Anwar melancarkan sebuah buku karya bekas Ahli Parlimen India Mobashar Jawed Akbar di Lake Club Kuala Lumpur baru-baru ini.Deputy Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Dr Haron Din recently gave a ‘message’ to the public to not link PAS with Anwar Ibrahim’s action in launching a book written by former MP of India, Mobashar Jawed Akbar who is a liberal and all of his actions and statements that are liberal.

We need to remember that Anwar also previously defended the book written by Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses which insults Islam and the Prophet. Anwar also thought that the actions of Muslims around the world rejecting the Innocence of Muslim film as something over-the-top.

To me, if we are to read a few parts in Mobashar’s book, it is not wrong for me to say that we could see the yardstick of the mind of a liberal, so Anwar’s liberalism level is actually a lot higher than Mobashar who still holds onto Islam as the highest religion but at the same time still holds strong to his race, Indian.

But, we not not want to debate about identity nor the understanding which Mobashar has because he has nothing to do with Malaysian politics not its rakyat. Even Harun Din’s statement which rejects PAS’s involvement with Anwar’s actions, automatically meant that even Anwar’s identity and understanding should not be used as part of the debate material because the statement itself showed how Anwar really is, understanding of a pluralist and stands on liberalism.

Thus, what is left to be debated here is Harun Din’s or PAS’s stand in facing the subject, ‘Anwar’.

Harun Din said,”It’s okay, that is his (Anwar) political view, if he feels that it could provide him benefit (so) that’s what he did. We do not intervene with matters involving PKR. PAS is with PAS, PKR is with PKR and DAP is with DAP,”


“That is Anwar Ibrahim’s politics and he does not put Islam as his baseline. So he (Anwar) is not like us. In PAS, everything is done in an Islamic manner.”

Perhaps Harun Din need to be reminded that Anwar Ibrahim is the man which PAS would take up as the next Prime Minister is Pakatan Rakyat wins the coming election.

And he need to be reminded that if PR rules, PAS would need to accept all of Anwar’s views and opinions which are liberal as same as DAP who is anti-Islam. The worse thing is that PAS would need to follow every single decision which would be made considering that Anwar would be the Prime Minister.

That is how the relationship between PAS-Anwar-DAP where the dominant one gets to make the final say and the passive one would only follow.

It seems like Haron Din is still in denial regarding PAS’s relationship with Anwar and DAP.

Either because he loves his post in PAS, or that he loves his arty, or he simply too ‘big’ to admit PAS’s mistake for working alongside Anwar/DAP, so Haron Din had no other choice but to keep on lying to himself by saying that the relationship is there.

Do know that Harun Din could keep on lying to himself or the party’s supporters but he can never lie to Allah SWT that the relationship between PAS and Anwar is just like master and slave, PAS being the slave.

If PR wins the next election and Anwar wants to introduce new liberal policies, PAS may be able to reject the ideas vocally but they can never debate about it in the Parliament. Because that is all they can afford to do.

By then, it is up to Harun Din himself to decide whether he would still want to lie to himself where he is not involved with Anwar’s decision because by then, no matter what excuse he gives to himself, everything is just too late.