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Harun Din Will Only Defend Kalimah Allah Until The Coming GE?

Isu Kalimah Allah Dan BibleOnce PAS did something wrong, DAP would release their most fierce hounds to bring down their small dogs which has agreed to stay quiet after being fed and promised Putrajaya. That is how DAP thinks of PAS.

We do understand that PAS has to show that they are serious in this matter to ensure that they would still gain Malay votes and DAP need to show their power – to ensure that they would still get their Chinese votes. Putting Karpal Singh as their fierce hound is just a strategy to cover Lim’s chauvinism. Just as same as putting Zairil, a Chinese kid, as a repesenattive for the Malays.

So, they PAS and DAP would keep on howling towards one another until the coming GE even though decision has been made by PAS Syura Council, and the decision is just a waste of time. The council do not even have any say in the matter was PAS top leadership had given their agreement in allowing other religion to use kalimah Allah.

Thus, if we are to consider ethics, professionalism and moral, PAS is bound to the original agreement and the party cannot escape from it by just saying that they change their mind. If PAS wishes to get out of the agreement, the only way out is to jump out of Pakatan Rakyat.

That is why, the firmness showed by Harun Din, Harun Taib or Hadi Awang in defending kalimah Allah is still in doubt, as long as they are still in PAS. Especially when they only come out with weak statements, asking Karpal Singh to not question the decision made by Syura Council, to be compared to Karpal’s harsh statements, which really hit PAS.

Moreover, Hadi Awang is still yet to mention his firmness directly. This is because, his statement which was published by Utusan Malaysia was only the opinion of Hadi’s political aide, Dr. Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar. The report quoted Dr. Ahmad expressing his ‘confidence’ and ‘certainty’ that Hadi Awang would not step away from the decision made by Syura Council, but is there any guarantee to that statement?

The fact that PAS is not willing to get out of Pakatan Rakyat because of kalimah Allah issue is a clear evidence to show a huge blow to PAS. Even Ulama such as Harun Din, and the Chief of Ulama Council, Harun Taib have lost in the hands of Karpal Singh.

We expect the fight between PAs and Karpal Singh will go on until this issue is covered by other issues, or at least until the coming election. However, we are not expecting any solution because once it is considered solved, PAS would deny it, if their situation seems desperate for them. Everyone knew that PAS would do the same thing for issues such as hudud and Islamic state which has no end, even until today.

Even though the issue involves religion, but for PAS, it is just another political issue which can be debated, and forgotten in time.

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