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POLITIKHarun Taib Proves That PAS Worships Allah, But Slaves To The Temple

Harun Taib Proves That PAS Worships Allah, But Slaves To The Temple

 nik aziz pakai jubah tokcaIt seems like with only a single Christmas speech from Lim’s Temple, DAP finally managed to use the kalimah Allah to divert rakyat’s attention away from the land issue in Kelantan which could not be handled by Nik Aziz nor Ngeh and Nga. Nik Aziz definitely felt relief and that he owed something with Lim Temple.

This kalimah Allah issue also managed to slow down the issue of Hadi’s message which has been a huge burden to Hadi Awang, and that is why Hadi also felt the relief and that he owed something with Lim Temple.

To ensure that thee calmness would go a long way, PAS tried to play with words by twisting their own statements as they state the party’s stand on DAP’s fight to spread Malay-language Bibles and to use kalimah Allah in brochures and Christians religious references. They are hoping that this issue would put a stop to other issues which burdens them, at least until the election comes.

If we are to refer to all the reports and statements made by PAS leaders which was published by the opposition’s official and non-official websites a few years back, we would find that PAS strongly and consistently allow the Malay-language Bibles and kalimah Allah to be used in brochures and religious references as long as it is not misused. PAS’s excuse is that it is to maintain harmony and to prove that Islam, or their party, is much more open to be compared to UMNO.

However, PAS has never explain their definition of ‘misuse’ and did not mention any measures to ensure that the kalimah would not be misused and what type of actions would be taken if it is misused. It was easy for PAS to urge the government to allow the distribution of those Bibles, but when it is misused, they simply blame the government. When the government took actions against the case where Malays were turned murtad due to this misuse, PAS simply stood silence and hide behind the church that they even sacked Dato’ Dr. Hasan Ali for exposing the matter.

Today, PAS is also consistent in twisting their words, to provide space for thsoe Christians to manipulate kalimah Allah. For that, Harakahdaily reported on the statement made by PAS’s Chief Ulama Council, Datuk Harun Taib saying that MStar made a false report when they published a story with the headline: ‘Ulama PAS tetap tidak setuju bukan Islam guna kalimah Allah’ (PAS Ulama Still Disagree With Non-Muslims Using Kalimah Allah) on January 9, 2013.

According to Harun Taib, the right headline for the report should have been: ‘Ulamak PAS tetap tidak setuju bukan Islam guna kalimah Allah di dalam kitab mereka bagi menggantikan perkataan God’. (PAS Ulama Disagrees With Non-Muslims Using Kalimah Allah In The Bible To Replace The Word God).

This is one of the worse statement which a person who describes himself as an Ulama.

The matter of Kalimah Allah referring to the word God in the Bible has never been raised in any of PAS’s statements supporting the issue, prior to the statement. It is because, it is self-explanatory and it does not have to be explained that kalimah Allah is used to refer to God. That is the issue, if it is not, it would not have become an issue in the first place.

Harun Taib probably thought that if it is not used to replace the word God, it might have been used for other things. Just to be said? Or to refer to other things? Isn’t that even worse and misleading? Did he mean that it is okay if the kalimah is used to for other things?

What is Harun Taib trying to say? Even if he want to twist things, he does not have to twist too much.

The fact is, either kalimah Allah refers to Jesus, the Father or the Holy Spirit, it is still an abuse because the whole three is defined by the Christians a an element which is taken as God.

If this is how an Ulama Chief is, so it is not surprising if a leader referred to as a Temple could use him again.

Lets hope that PAS would not get confused between Jesus and Allah just because they want to please the Temple, lets hope that they would not turn to slaves for the Temple.



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