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Holy Book Reading: A Session To Promote ‘Mis-understanding of Religions’

holy book readingOn 27th January 2013, a session called ‘Holy Book Reading’ has been held at Dataran Pidato, Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang by a so-called ‘independent’ group led by a man only known as Kevin. The objective was to promote understanding of each others’ religions, which is good, even ‘virtuous’, if was organized properly.

But what ‘understanding’ is they talking about if none of those involved are qualified to talk about his/her own religion? Take one person in the group, named Mislina Mustaffa, for example, a controversial D-class actress who once admitted openly that she doesn’t know what Islam really is – imagine how would she make others understand something that even she doesn’t even know about?

Is this just one of the continuous attempts to enrage the Muslims, to promote prejudice and eventually a religious conflict and chaos?

As we noticed, a few of those involved are known to have participated in some other demonstrations before and are very close to SUARAM, an organization known to be linked to foreign agencies involved in regime change missions around the globe.

Therefore, it is not impossible that this ‘little’ session may not be so little, if fact, it is a huge, organized mission of changing the government, and the world.

One may ask why the Muslims are so paranoid, and may not understand why is an open discussion on Islam or religions can be so wrong?

Well, for those with faith, I mean with true faith in his/her religion would understand that a wrong interpretation of the holy books would mean a serious misunderstanding of the religion that could lead to a devastating effect of an absolute opposite of what is taught by the religion.

Al-Quran does not bear the words of man, but words of Allah SWT, the one and the only, the Almighty, the Creator of the Universe. This is evident in the words in Al-Quran about the babies in the wombs, the moon and the stars and the universe and etc. that were told even before the scientists discovered these secrets. The Al-Quran even reminded the Muslims about the Jews and their lasting hostility towards the religion of Allah SWT and the Muslims, which is evident in what we see till this day – in Palestine and everywhere else.

Unlike the holy books of other religions, Al-Quran is not a book that tells the story about the past, but tells us about the future from the moment it was passed down, to be used as a guide in living our lives till the end of time.

Therefore, Al-Quran must be handled with respect and care whereby, when touching Al-Quran, one must first be clean, properly dressed and gone through a partial ablution or ‘wudu’’ which is the same washing procedure prior to perform prayers.

And obviously, Mislina, didn’t know anything about this, judging from the way she dressed at the session. So, what Islam or religion was she talking about?

There is a serious lack of intelligence of the people who taught that all religions are the same when they don’t even understand their own, what more each and every other religions.

Islam acknowledges the existence of other religions and the Al-Quran specifically tells the Muslims to respect other religions and never ridicule or insult them. But that doesn’t mean Islam is the same as other religions because that would mean that Allah SWT. and other religions’ Gods are the same – which is the greatest unforgiveable sin of all.

People like Mislina and her ‘tiny’ group must have failed to understand the facts that all religions call for the same good values and morality as well as good behaviors and intentions, does not mean that Allah, Jesus, The Hindu Gods and Goddess or the Buddhist Gods must be the same.

Allah SWT is the one and only. Jesus is three in one. Hindu Gods and Goddess come in numbers. They can never be the same and can never be one even if all of these Gods and Allah SWT call for the same good values, morality and intentions.

What even more mind boggling is that, none of these religions give a green light or an ‘okay’ to LGBT, but the reading session group seems to be forcing the idea to themselves and others.

So, who is this group kidding? Other people? Themselves? God? The reading session wasn’t at all about understanding religions but it’s about leading people to misunderstand and to disregard religions.

For their information, Pluralism is not a religion, it’s about living without religion. But maybe this is just too complicated for the group to understand.

Therefore, I strongly suggest the Islamic bodies to help those in the group who called themselves Muslims, to understand Islam in its true sense. Please don’t let these people drift away believing that their ignorance is a ‘form’ of intelligence.

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