[Video] I Was Asked To “Create Evidence” To Bring Najib Down #pakdin.my

The statement that was made by Datuk Zulkifli Nordin above is not a new statement, it was first raised at the Dewan Rakyat in March 2010 after he was sacked from PKR prior to the incident. But when the same statement was made yesterday on TV, it shocked many, especially those from the opposition who had never heard of such information.

Writer is aware that th0ose from the opposition are afraid to watch TV, especially TV3. But all writer know is that the only program that they want to boycott is Buletin Utama, other programs such as Soal Jawab is not part of the list.

That is one thing, in fighting for freedom of speech, why boycott the media?

But it’s okay, writer would leave that matter for some other time. What is important here is that if what would happen if Zul Nordin’s statement is true, that he was ordered by the Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to create stories to link the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in the murder of Altantunya? Including preparig a fake statutory declaration to put Najib in the story?

This is serious matter. Anwar is not just another average man, he was taken as a man-of-God (described by his wife), respected as ‘next Prime Minister’, people are crazy for him that they would even cut relationships between their mothers and siblings.

During the Bersih demo the other day, writer could see how those who are standing next to him were proud.

Even writer is proud with Anwar. Looking at the sex video that was linked to him – writer never thought that Malays have that sort of ‘size’. Usually only Westerners have that.

This is just to show how great Anwar is.

But who knew Anwar is that dirty – uses dirty politics to bring certain leaders. And the one who revealed the matter is his own former lawyer.

Obviously Zul Nordin has his merit and that he can be trusted. If what he said is false or fake, as usual – sue him.

Even writer did not believe that Najib was involved in Altantuya’s murder. What other evidence do they have but the fake statutory declaration. What is so great about the statutory declaration? Many fail to realize that the statutory declaration is an adaptation of Muhabalah Declaration in Islam. It was called as statutory declaration so that it can be absorbed into the civil law in this country.

Let’s not forget that Anwar rejects Muhabalah Declaration but he wants his followers to believe in statutory declaration, which is almost the same thing, oath.

The charge is definitely a big case, if it is not, Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) would not run overseas after Najib filed suit against him. We need to know that the statutory declaration can be made up.

That is why Zul Nordin’s statement could bring huge consequences. A huge number of people were influenced with Anwar’s lies saying that Najib was involved in the murder of Altantunya.