Wednesday - August 4, 2021 @ 07:49


Desperate situation calls for desperate measures – old act played by new players – that is what the oppositions are doing now, in desperation and sinking fast.

Former IGP and businessman Deepak Jaikishan suddenly appeared and gave statements that affect the credibility of Cabinet members including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Looks like both are in a team trying to bring down the credibility of the government, just as what the oppositions in particular Anwar Ibrahim has been doing the past decades.

Whether they are actually in a team or on their own or whether they are being used or allow themselves to be made used are immaterial because the perception is that both are trying to run down the people managing the country.

Both are seen as stooges of the oppositions or Anwar himself as their statements also appeared at a time when the Umno general assembly is being held and at a time when the oppositions are under attack instead of them being the hunter.

The table is turning fast now with Umno and BN on the attacking mode rather than the defend mode that they have been in for so long with some voters believing in the allegations raised by the oppositions.

With Umno and BN in attacking mode, meaning they are coming out with facts and evidence of the truth, the oppositions are in dire straits.

All the years of cheating and lying have suddenly ended with zero sum as all along, voters see the truth coming out slowly even before Umno and BN go on attack mode.

Protests and demonstrations as well as suits have become a norm in states ruled by the oppositions and the latest is the enmity among themselves about non-Muslims hair dressing salons where females hair dressers cannot cut males hair and vice-versa.

The collision of principles and philosophies among them are clear and they have tried to cover it for quite sometimes but as the saying goes, bad things cannot be hidden for long as the smell will surface.

Now it is not just the smell but even the skeletons came out of the cupboard!

So in desperation, the oppositions called French lawyers to come and brief on scorpene but failed as the ones attended were only seven MPs who were the complainants, not anyone outside the group.

And now Musa and Deepak…although Musa seems professional in his statements but it still put a dent in the Cabinet and BN leadership, particularly when the oppositions are damn very good in highlighting such matters.

But Musa’s story is an old story…told time and again…again Joseph Goebbels tactic.

But Deepak’s story is a different game altogether…and there are many ‘directors’ in the game…all have the same objective – want to see the present BN fall



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