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BERITAiPhone 5 to Launch in Malaysia October 19?

iPhone 5 to Launch in Malaysia October 19?

We’ve just seen an interesting leak from a post in our forums, that the new iPhone 5 will be launched here in Malaysia much sooner than expected. How much sooner, you ask? October 19, if a local Malay language blog is to be believed.

They leaked an email yesterday that local telco operator Maxis will launch its iPhone 5 campaign starting October 19. While the email states that the launch date will be on the 19th, it looks like a registration of interest (ROI) will begin shortly prior to that date.

As for pricing, the email also states that it will be more or less the same as the iPhone 4S at launch, with the difference being “plus or minus RM100”.

Unfortunately, the leaked email did not state the iPhone 5 launches for the other telcos in the country. However, we will be bringing you up to date if we hear anything on that front.

The leaked email screenshot can be seen here.

(Source: oh! )



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