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SABAH RCIIs the Sabah RCI a necessity? After all, whoever they are, they are already citizens of Malaysia just like the other races in Peninsular who came here some years ago or before Independence and given citizenship.

Or is it the oppositions’ game to ‘inject’ further hatred and erode credibility to Barisan Nasional (BN), a trap that BN and Najib Tu Razak fell into?

Looking at the case now, the testimonies thus far given, all of them point towards BN’s and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s purported ploy to increase voters for BN.

Thus far, the inquiry gives an ugly and bad picture of ruling BN government as if the ruling coalition had been manipulating to win.

However, can trust and take the testimonies of the four witnesses without first determine their credibility and authenticity of their testimonies.

The reason is simply that the four had spent time under detention for extortion – extorting money from these foreigners whose blue identity cards were ready to be given out.

The witnesses called are those NRD officers who were released after being detained under Internal Security Act (ISA) for taking bribes in giving out the citizenships to Filipinas.

They are Kee Dzulkifly, Asli Sidup, Alcop Damsah @ Yakup Damsah, Nasit Sungip and their boss Ramli Kamaruddin were detained under the ISA for detained for their role in a syndicate to extort money from the approved immigrants before issuing them the blue ICs.

One wonders are these the only witnesses the RCI will call or the commission will be calling more as the credibility of the four witnesses are questionable in every aspect.

And the opposition, especially Anwar Ibrahim’s stooges are already making statements that the RCI would eventually point finger to Anwar…pre-empting as though the RCI is BN’s tool to shoot at Anwar.

What the oppositions are doing now is another psychological warfare aimed at pumping into the minds of voters that BN has been manipulating, the allegations the oppositions have been pumping to the minds of voters since 2008.

Without credible witnesses, RCI will reveal more of ‘twisted truth’ to hammer the ‘twisted testimonies’ with witnesses whose credibility are questionable, whose testimonies are also questionable because they revealed names of those who had passed away, whose intentions are questionable as they were detained before for extorting.

In short, the witnesses are untrustworthy and for the oppositions, they do not care about this because they know the voters want to hear ‘juicy things’ regardless the truths.

It’s the perception game and the oppositions are good in this as they have already done that in 2008…but they forgot that the political thoughts of voters have change since then.



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