Janji Ditepati: PKR MP Got Rid Of First Wife Because Of Menopause? #pakdin.my

A wife’s loyalty towards her husband is simply endless and that they would spend most of their time for the children just because their husbands are too crazy for politics.

But in the end, all that came to nothing…least that’s what Abdullah Sani who won GE12 as PKR’s MP for Kuala Langat thinks about his wife.

All the sweet words from the MP who is famous in mocking the PM’s family with his usual word…”Celaka” (Damn) began to shy away from his wife, Halimah Mohd Sahat, 48.

His secrets are finally revealed especially with the story where he got married with a second wife in Thailand.

This is the story which was told by his first wife;

When he first became a YB, there was barely any issue. The whole thing began to change when the PKR YB met with a Hulu Selangor PKR woman, Faizah Ariffin, a make-up artist (mak andam).

Her husband began to change and he began to inflict mental abuse to Halimah. Faizah also would often threaten her and asks that Halimah accepts her as the second wife.

Halimah was even said to have went to Wan Azizah but the response she gained was a little sad..”..we have a lot of other issues to settle…handle it yourself…”

The saddest part was when Abdullah Sani warned his children to isolate their mother and do not ever help their mother. Her car was taken by the bank and Halimah had to go back to her hometown by bus to visit her dying father.

Abdullah Sani decided to pack up all of Halimah’s clothes when she was not around and later threw all of the clothes outside, to him, she is garbage.

Because of another woman…a mak andam. Things got so sad when Halimah had to have police escort just so that she could go back home, only to see all of her things are outside of the house…and her bedroom with Abdullah Sani for more than 20 years now has been the bedroom with that woman (to be continued)

Empty promises…Abdullah Sani then made new promises to the new wife.

In another note, this is one of the reasons why opposition leaders do not like the government’s slogan, “Janji Ditepati” (Promises fulfilled) because even after 2008 GE, not even 10% of their promises have been fulfilled, and they take that this slogan would be a disaster for them for the coming GE13.

What did Pakatan Rakyat do when they are ruling their states?

In Kelantan, after almost 22 years, even Nik Aziz is unable to handle rakyat’s issues such as water issue where most water remain untreated…and he then decided to put the blame on BN by providing new excuse, oil royalty money.

Even the promise to implement hudud came to a fail. And they once again blamed BN even though Sultan of Kelantan had signed an agreement so that Hudud can be implemented. Nik Aziz was seen to be trying to divert the issue. Why? Because DAP would not let him implement it?

In Kedah, Azizan was seen as a huge liar, especially to Muslims in Kedah, mosques are not built, and nightclubs thrive like crazy during Ramadan?

The moral of the CM was also in doubt when there is a rumor saying that a PAS MP is sleeping with another man’s wife. Try asking Mat Sabu, probably all of this started from room 121 and 122 in Hotel Perdana Kota Bharu? That there was a Kedah exco who had a scandal and that they had to be married because their scandal was leaked?

Even DAP’s promises in Penang came to nothing as soon as they won in GE12. Anwar Ibrahim’s video in YouTube wwhen he made the promise that he would settle the issues in Kampung India, Kampung Buah Pala…”..if we win, I would make sure withing two weeks…this issue will be resolved…”and finally, it all ended up with nothing. DAP took everything.

In Selangor, issues with brewry factories, ‘licensed’ prostitutes, illegal factories, illegal Chinese cemetery, stealing sand and the very critical water issue. Why can’t all of these issues be solved? Is Anwar Ibrahim only got RM1.00 a month or that he is more focused to be the next PM before he handles any issues.

Added with his moral issues, PKR Selangor had to work very hard to divert rakyat’s attention on the BN government’s slogan which was even practiced by Prophet Muhammad himself. Even Independent MP agreed that the slogan is a universal slogan.