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BERITANASIONALJewish Fund To Implement Hudud?

Jewish Fund To Implement Hudud?

After everything was revealed, SUARAM now can no longer deny that the organization has been receiving funds from NED and OSI which is led by Zionist and currency criminal, George Soros who has the same objective which is to bring down the government so that the leadership can be replaced by their own puppet.

At the same time, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) can no longer deny that many of their leaders are actually part of SUARAM.

So it is them proven that PR and SUARAM are one and if SUARAM receives foreign fund, PR also gets the same thing.

That is why, we see PR, either PKR, DAP or even PAS, they were were all in shock when SUARAM was revealed to be a foreign agent and it would be facing legal charges. Swiftly, pro-PR media then tried their best to defend SUARAM and try to convey that the matter is so small that it does not matter.

They are saying that foreign fund is a must to enable freedom in an organization, not to be tied with any agenda and to be daring in revealing government’s bad deeds.

But, PR could not explain why would those foreign entities provide fund for them? What are they agendas which is given to PR considering that the amount of fund increases each year? There is no way that those foreign entities are not expecting anything after making such huge investment.

Actually, it is not that hard to read these Zionists’ agenda. Their agenda is to gain all sources and the country’s economy, to weaken Islamic understanding among Muslims and to spread the life of liberals and plural understanding which has no limit.

Their agenda can be clearly seen through financial flow which goes around the world for all media which supports them. It is clear that these people are the ones who are responsible for the fight for LGBT and the fall of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and many other countries around the world.

Just like how we are aware, the situation in countries which they have brought down is simply bad. People suffer as their economy deteriorate and they have to face constant terror threats due to rage among rakyat due to their sufferings. This instability would soon cause direct or indirect colonialism from foreign entities and that is what they are waiting for.

Thus, Malaysians would need to understand that contributions which are given to SUARAM and Bersih etc from foreign fund brings the same objective and agenda.

We are certain that DAP and PKR are aware of this agenda and they do not have any problem to ‘get used’ with liberalism and even pluralism.

What we do not know is that whether our brothers, PAS know this situation with the foreign fund or not.

Harakahdaily today published article written by Aspan Alias who tried to divert the issue of SUARAM by raising the matter of Altantuya and the corruption on Scorpene, saying that the government is anxious.

But, Aspan seem to be a bit ‘shy’ to mention much about SUARAM getting fund from Jews and George Soros, which proves that PR is actually the one who is anxious.

The case of Altantuya and the purchase of Scorpene has been consistently answered by the government and it is justified with what has been presented by the French which are their police and court. The only thing that are not consistent and unstable would be statements and charges made by SUARAM, including statuary declaration and articles regarding the matter which were written by pro-PR writers. Finally, all of their lies have been revealed and even the motives and backbone of the whole thing were leaked.

So, now the matter goes to the hand of Aspan or PR, not the government. Readers are now wondering why Aspan avoid from talking about foreign fund?

That is why we put aside PKR and DAP when it comes to matters of Islam’s enemy, so the next question goes to PAS, why would Harakahdaily publish Aspan’s writing?

Is it because PAS do not care about where the money comes from even if it is from Zionists and George Soros as long as they could rule Malaysia, bring Islam to the top and implement hudud?

Those things do not matter anymore?




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