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Journalists killed in head-on collision near Mukah

TOTALLY WRECKED: The completely destroyed Kancil at the scene of the accident.

MUKAH: Two See Hua Group journalists were killed yesterday when an express bus carrying 38 passengers crashed head-on into the car they were travelling in.

The Borneo Post reporter Gaing Kunding, 48, and See Hua Daily News reporter Patricia Yiu, 31, died on the spot in the 10.45am accident at KM20 Mukah-Balingian road.

The two colleagues were on their way back to Mukah after covering an assignment in Balingian.

Mukah police chief DSP Omar Bakhtiar said it is believed that the bus, which was on its way to Sibu, was overtaking a lorry when it hit the Perodua Kancil that Gaing was driving in the opposite lane.

The bus also hit a Toyota Hilux, which was travelling behind the Kancil.

The driver of the pick-up truck managed to escape unhurt, however the collision severely crushed the truck’s right side.

The 54-year-old bus driver is currently under police custody and would be investigated under Section 41(1) of the Transportation Act.

Some of the bus passengers suffered minor injuries.

Meanwhile, Gaing, who is originally from Rh. Sylvester Sali Kirak, Nanga Ngungun, Ngemah Kanowit, lived in Bawang Assan.

He held a diploma from the then Mara Institute of Technology Kuching.

Gaing previously worked as a bank officer and a business executive for a private company before joining the now defunct Eastern Times.

He joined The Borneo Post in Sibu on March 3, 2006 and was transferred to Mukah on Dec 1, 2008.

Gaing is survived by his wife Patrina Chaong and their 10-year-old son.

Yiu was born in Sibu but grew up in Kuching.

She graduated from Taiwan China Cultural University in 2005 and joined See Hua Daily News on May 1, 2009 as a feature writer in Kuching.

She was transferred to Mukah recently to work as a reporter and feature writer and just reported for duty on Tuesday.



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