Saturday - July 31, 2021 @ 05:17


Bersih co-chairman S. Ambiga gave a warning to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that prolonging the general election would incur the wrath of voters, particularly the fence-sitters.

She said in an interview with an opposition portal that people were fed-up because they could not plan for holidays and that this also affected investors’ confidence.

Wow, she speaks as though she has all the facts and figures of voters sentiments in her hands and as though majority of the 13 million over voters have met her and told her to tell Najib about this.

No one knows since when she has become the voters’ representative to the extend that Najib must heed her warning, not an advise, a warning.

Claiming she is not a member of any political party but merely wanted a fair and clean election, Ambiga seems to have forgotten that she has taken the side of the opposition with her actions and words.

She has forgotten that she has been clearly seen as the opposition’s tool and platform with her Bersih rallies which smack politics of hatred and threats, not even on the democratic level so to speak.

Yet, she shout for want of democracy, transparent and whatever terms used by western democratic fighters but never practiced when they are given a chance.

In light of the warning from her, it is better for Najib to decide on his own when wants the election to be held, no need to listen to Ambiga who had spoken and acted enough to show her real self, a person who is on the opposition or used by the opposition.

It is Najib’s decision when he wants the election to be as it is his government and the ruling party that would face the voters and are being accountable to the voters.

Ambiga is not even a people’s representative to tell Najib what he should and must do.

Najib should just ignore Ambiga’s warning that appeared in the opposition portal as a nuisance rather than an opinion that should be taken at the very least as friendly opinion.

In fact, Ambiga’s statement was a warning as though she could control the voters’ opinion at the ballot boxes. She has forgotten that matured voters have perceived her as tool of the oppositions what more to represent the voters’ matured and wise minds.

Najib should continue with his meet-the-people sessions and fulfill all the promises and pledges made so that voters can see clearly what future they have with BN rather than living on empty promises from the opposition which Ambiga is one of the many spokesman.



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