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BERITANASIONALKarpal slams Pas Youth head’s hudud comment

Karpal slams Pas Youth head’s hudud comment

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP and its ally, Pas, appeared yet to reach an understanding on the possibility of implementing hudud if they ever come to power.

Nasrudin you are LIAR.. LIAR.. LIAR

Yesterday, DAP chairman Karpal Singh expressed extreme displeasure upon learning that Pas Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi had suggested that he had been willing to consider such laws for the country during a political debate.

“I will never compromise,” said Karpal in a telephone interview with the New Straits Times.

“I have always been very public and absolute on my stand to never have hudud implemented in the country… how then can he (Nasrudin) claim such a thing?” said the DAP stalwart, who is well known for his strong opposition to any attempt to introduce Islamic laws in this country.

Hudud is a term used to describe the class of punishments for certain crimes such as theft, fornication and adultery, consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants and apostasy.

“The decision not to have hudud is not only my strong decision but also the stand of the DAP as a whole.”

  Karpal said the issue was also not open to any form of “negotiations” in the form of discussions.

“We need to keep the best interests of the people in mind. I will never ever budge or compromise on my stand… not on the idea to implement hudud, especially.”

Nasrudin had uttered the offending remark during a debate with Umno Working Committee Secretariat of Young Ulama chairman Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya.

The debate on Thursday, titled “PRU13: Orang Muda Pilih Siapa”, was organised by the tabloid, Sinar Harian.

The excerpts of Nasrudin’s remark from the debate read as follows: “I would like to ask my friend Fathul Bari to update me about Karpal Singh… he (Fathul) said Karpal Singh had said, “…over my dead body” when the idea to implement hudud came about 10 years ago… However, like Fathul said, it was 10 years ago. Now, after a recent Pakatan Rakyat convention in Penang, Karpal said after he had befriended Pas, the issue of hudud can be discussed again. This means that there is some sort of understanding (between Pas and DAP) about the law. I am not surprised if a non-Muslim does not accept hudud but it is shocking when Muslims detest it.”

The video clip of the debate can be viewed at, an Internet TV portal. The portal covers various issues, including business, politics, lifestyle, religion and entertainment.

Nasrudin, in a text message to NST’s query on whether he had made such a remark about Karpal’s stand on hudud, said “Tak ada” (I did not).



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