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BERITAENGLISHKedah CM Should Push DYMM Sultan To Sack SUK

Kedah CM Should Push DYMM Sultan To Sack SUK

PAS Kedah’s politic continues to be chaotic as a few local authorities kept on pressuring Kedah’s State Secretary (SUK), Datuk Rasli Basir to resign. A few demonstrations were held by this group so maximise the pressure against Datuk Rasli with hopes that he might just resign, or Kedah CM as well as DYMM Sultan himself would take action against him.

A few PAS supporters’ blogs also provided assistance with this matter by criticizing Datuk Rasli. Various theories were pointed out, along with stories which goes in a lot of angle. However, the way that the story goes is up to writers themselves.

To justify their defiance against Datuk Rasli, this PAS blogger even went the great length of picturing that Kedah Exco, Phahrolrazi who made a controversy as he really want to be the next CM that he went against Azizan in open, was bought by Datuk Rasli in a golf course so that he could replace Azizan and become UMNO’s puppet CM.

If that is not enough to shock us, well, some of the bloggers also made accusations by saying that Datuk Rasli even bough a few people from the palace!

Few of the statements from the PAS blogger include,”Dato Rasli is simply cunning. He has control over people in the palace, supporting him to stay as State Secretary, even Phahrol was bought, in a golf course. Now they are asking Dato Phahrol to become CM, becoming UMNO’s puppet.”

As Kedah suffers the outcome of their Audit Report which described their weaknesses as well as corruption and chronic cronyism issues in the state, PAS’s focus on this SUK’s issue is simply confusing.

People should have demanded for an investigation to be taken on problematic projects which were revealed in the Audit Report instead of criticizing people with random assumptions.

What we can understand from all the pressure which is being given to Datuk Rasli is that, it only began from his action in transferring Ahmad Fisol Md Nor, District officer of Kubang Pasu to Kuala Muda. Ahmad Fisol or Hj. Fisol has been famous for being a PAS’s loyal supporter because he has been holding grudge against BN ever since BN was in power because he felt that he should have gotten the SUK post based on his support for PAS.

For your information, Datuk Rasli is not a politician and he is not good in handling political attacks given by Hj. Fisol. All these while, he has been working professionally as state government officer. Hj. Fisol in the other hand, has a very strong political movement where everything seems well planned in part of his efforts to bring down Datuk Rasli. All of PAS’s bloggers defended him by spreading bad stories involving Datuk Rasli.

It is sad for Kedah for having a CM who simply does not know anything. He did not even provide any comment regarding the audit report which shows various issues. How can we expect him to do anything with his administrative office?

We were told that Ustaz Azizan is a man who can get easily influenced. Once he gets influenced, he would believe any stories which is told to him. From there, internal sources told that Ustaz Azizan is already influenced by Hj. Fisol who puts all the blame of weaknesses in administration office to Datuk Rasli. Saying that Datuk Rasli intentionally revealed Ustaz Azizan’s weaknesses through the management of those problematic projects.

Despite that, people from the inside know that Ustaz Azizan can never control his men. He would provide full trust to them which then they took advantage of doing and approving things which is not part of their pay grade. That is why, a lot of projects were approved without following any right procedures, where government officers such as Datuk Rasli was pushed aside, with the excuse that the orders came from Ustaz Azizan.

Ustaz Azizan’s attitude of not being good in accepting criticism also makes it hard for Datuk Rasli or anyone to help him in making right decisions. In the end, Datuk Rasli became the victim of Ustaz Azizan’s own crime.

Ustaz Azizan should have been able to make fast decisions so that this turmoil can end as soon as possible. Prolonging this problem without even making any comments would only raise questions among rakyat, other than wasting time and slowing down state administration itself.

Datuk Rasli was appointed by Sultan Kedah Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, who is currently Yang di-Pertuan Agong. So, if Ustaz Azizan believe that Datuk Rasli intentionally ‘bullied’ him, then he should push DYMM Sultan to sack Datuk Rasli.

As a Chief Minister, Azizan should be responsible with any of his decisions whether to push for Datuk Rasli to be sacked or to keep him where he is. Azizan cannot just sit around and pretend as if nothing is really happening around him.



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