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Kevin’s brother confirms the conspiracy against the Prime Minister

And was this the scam the brothers were running? Kevin opens an investigation and then his brothers do a deal with those under investigation and for the right price the investigation would ‘reveal’ that there is no case and the file would be closed with a NFA (no further action) stamp.

Reading the Statutory Declaration signed by Charles Suresh Morais is most interesting if half of what he said is true (READ THE 18-PAGE STATUTORY DECLARATION HERE). Nevertheless, much of what he said is hearsay based on what his brother was alleged to have told him.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the four bothers (Charles Suresh, Richard Dilaan, Anthony Kevin and David Ramesh) are not the best of friends. Charles claims to be a successful businessman in the United States while he calls his brother Richard a crook.

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Charles alleges that Richard has been arrested a number of times for various offences ranging from underworld activities to sexual misconduct. Charles also claims that Richard, who is a Datuk, is linked to the underworld. That makes Kevin the second of the four brothers to be awarded a datukship in spite of their dodgy character.

Charles says that Kevin used to inform him about all the cases he was working on, although this is supposed to be against the law. Most interesting is the claim by Charles that Kevin had informed him he was working on a case involving the Prime Minister and his wife. What is even more interesting is that Charles admits he is contact with Gani Patail, who used to be Malaysia’s Attorney General.

Charles makes many damaging confessions in his Statutory Declaration. Other than being in contact with Gani Patail, Charles is also in contact with Clare Rewcastle Brown of Sarawak Report. Charles says that Kevin sent the draft copy of the alleged charge sheet against Najib to Clare, thus confirming that people within the MACC were conspiring with Sarawak Report and were leaking or selling information to them.

Charles says that Clare confirmed she was in frequent communication with Kevin regarding confidential matters involving MACC’s investigations. Charles also implicates Jessica Gurmeet Kaur who was earlier identified as one of those involved in leaking confidential information regarding MACC investigations.

If what Charles said is true then he more or less confirms the existence of this conspiracy that MACC is involved in. If the MACC wants to clear its name then the bank accounts of these four brothers should be investigated to see whether any unexplained money has flowed through it.

Charles by his own admission said that his brothers Richard and Kevin are crooks. Ironically, both are now Datuks. He also confirms that Kevin and Jessica together with other people in the MACC are using Sarawak Report as their vehicle to release classified MACC information.

Well, there you have it. Unless the MACC can prove that what Charles said in his Statutory Declaration is false then both Kevin and the MACC are being accused of dishonesty. All this while Kevin was feeding information to his brother as well as to Sarawak Report.

The question that now arises is: was Kevin feeding his brother information which they could use to blackmail certain people under investigation? We have heard that for a certain fee the charges against you can be dropped, even in cases involving murder.

And was this the scam the brothers were running? Kevin opens an investigation and then his brothers do a deal with those under investigation and for the right price the investigation would ‘reveal’ that there is no case and the file would be closed with a NFA (no further action) stamp.

I was told that this happen a lot in Malaysia and that there are certain lawyers who specialise in this sort of thing. It seems the police and MACC can make cases disappear and that they have middlemen or agents who negotiate the deals. The Statutory Declaration signed by Charles seems to confirm that there is more than meets the eye in the murder of Kevin. It is possible that one of the deals went bad and that money was paid but the person who was supposed to walk free did not after all.

Malays would call that’ kena kencing’ and from what Charles is saying the brothers are capable of that and that they make a business on ‘kencing’ others. And if Charles is to be believed, Kevin is not as straight as some say he is. He talks and reveals confidential information about cases he is working on.

And this is precisely what lawyer Rosli Dahlan suffered from in his case that Kevin was working on. And that was more than five years ago so Kevin and/or the MACC has been doing this for some time now. If Rosli had paid them off then the case would have quietly died but then Rosli decided to fight them so they arrested him and threw him in the MACC lockup to teach him a lesson.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

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