Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is actually lost in his own world of dreams, thinking he is the best Mentri Besar thus far and he does not need to answer to anybody, even his own party.

With DAP Tony Phua and several others fighting for him whenever he has problems with media or issues, Khalid feels he is the best MB that any state could have as he does not have to be accountable for anything or to anybody.

So when University Industri Selangor or Unisel faces financial problem, he just took it as another business problem so the solution is sell a building and use the money to solve it.

No long term planning or patriotic element involved because he looks at it as a business entity, not the platform to produce generations of highly educated and trained human resources personnel that could lead the country to greater heights in industrial development.

Now Unisel owes its hostel’s management some RM15 million which would pose problems for some 3,000 students who will have to stay outside with their small allowances and parents’ support.

And as usual, for PR state government, the blame always goes to former ruling government – Barisan Nasional – when in reality it is the present Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government that took over that failed to chart a long term plan for the university’s finance and academic sphere.

Since the PR took over the state in March 2008, the PR leaders have lost their sense of directions as they celebrate the victory like ‘small children get some new toys to play.’

Forgetting all the promises, they went and still going on a ‘blazing ride’ – blaming all bad things on the previous BN government without any guilt to the voters who voted them in for benefits and the so-called good governance as they claimed.

So when Unisel, the university set up by the previous BN government to produce highly trained and skilled industrial who are knowledgeable to develop Selangor into an advance industrial state, PR leaders just do not know the value of such long term plan.

For them, they have got a new toy and they will want to play with the toy no matter whether the toy will break, damage or broken. It’s a new toy they must play to the fullest.

When the toy is broken or damage, they blame the manufacturer for making lousy toys when it is stated on the box ‘play with care’.

And Unisel is just another new toy for Khalid who does not even know how to chart the university’s future except for putting in new directors on the board who are his cronies who are now getting fat pay every month.

Khalid dreams on thinking that the problems would be solved by itself, just like the water issue, would this time around be too late

The voters know his character well, indeed now very well.