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Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is back in the limelight with the water issue in the state, this time he exert his authority that whatever is being planned on water supply and anything to do with water must go through him.

Seems very caring towards the Selangoreans’ plight on water, very concerned outlook and very much wanted to be on top of things regarding water, the very essential of life for any human on earth.

So Khalid put his foot down, as the saying goes, on Langat 2 plan, stating firmly that the contractor chosen would have to face him given the authority he has as stipulated under the Constitution and National Land code.

Very firm and ‘dictatorial’ Khalid’s stand on the matter. However, the same day he made the statement, some 100 over Selangoreans who are consumers who voted for Khalid’s party PKR and its allies DAP and PAS to power in 2008 general election filed a suit at the court in Shah Alam.

They wanted nothing but just Khalid and friends in power to fulfill their promises…free water for all Selangoreans…a pledge made as manifesto in the 2008 general election.

In other word, Khalid and friends did not fulfill that promise of free water and of course, many more attractive promises made but here, with the water crisis looming over Selangor and with the Federal Government coming in to rescue the situation, Khalid ‘put his foot down’.

One wonders what actually he is up to but Khalid is known for his ‘antics’ that do not benefit Selangoreans at all, probably only himself and his ‘friends’.

Clear example is the Talam issue which until today he claimed the deal was done accordingly to the law but he is silent on the costs the state paid as the costs is not stated by the law…it is on seller and buyer willingness…which is currently under question.

And Khalid just ignore or shall we say could not care less whether the Langat 2 structure would benefit Selangoreans in the long run and eliminate the ‘dark clouds’ looming over the state if the treatment plant is not erected immediately.

What he is interested in is that the Federal Government must, in this case it is mandatory, that he be consulted and one wonders for what and why.

The Federal Government knows Khalid’s authority in this matter but since Khalid has been practically ignoring the matter despite the suit filed and demonstrations held by the people who voted his party to power, Khalid seems deaf and blind to all these.

The question is why? Is Khalid being held at ‘ransom’ by his own boss Anwar Ibrahim to stall all Federal Government’s initiative until the 13th general election so that his party and the partners in PR can make an issue out of this?

Or is Khalid having his ‘own contractor’ for Langat 2 with promises of financial aid in the coming general election? Or is Khalid plain stupid in understanding the whole issue?

Whatever it is, Khalid is seen as a man who is desperate to ‘please his boss in the party while at the same time trying to sustain his position’ so that he would not be left in a lurch after the general election.

Normal Malaysians on the street know Khalid’s time is written on the wall that he would be replaced immediately after the general election by none other than his invisible enemy Azmin Ali.

And Khalid knows himself that he is not respected in the party and not even look upon as a leader by his own PKR members.

Sad to say, Khalid got himself into the wrong act at the wrong time.



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